May 25, 2008
Getting BlazeDS running on Leopard

(hey I haven't posted in forever, but since I actually had something to share...)

I was looking for any information about getting BlazeDS running locally on my Mac to take a stab at learning Flex remoting, and I found this nice tutorial over at Coding Cowboys, but got disappointed when I realized that while the author was working on Leopard, he was actually setting up BlazeDS on a linux server.

But in my normal "oh this should be pretty easy" fashion which has on other occasions brought down the boot sectors of powerful hard drives, I decided that following the instructions on the page would just work on a mac too.

And it did!

It should be pretty clear why I'm just not sending you on to the aforementioned post if you go look at it - he's also setting up Amazon EC2 webservices, which I'm not as interested in at the moment. Also, I'd like to just play with Flex remoting for a minute at home, so I don't need to get a server involved. Especially since I have this handy unix workstation right here on my desk.

Ok, no more silly patter. Here's how to set up BlazeDS on your intel-based mac running Leopard. I should also mention that I have the developer tools installed, but I don't know that that makes a difference.

Getting BlazeDS running on Leopard

  1. Download the turn-key package
  2. unzip it to a directory -- /blaze is good. You now have a folder at the Root lavel of Macintosh HD called blaze.

    If that "unzip it to a directory" direction is alienating to you, just double click on the zip, let Mac OS unzip it for you, and rename the directory to blaze and move it to the top of the Macintosh HD. Pretty much the same thing.

  3. In terminal, go to that dir - ls /blaze (just for fun maybe - I'm terrible at doing commands like sudo ./blaze/tomcat/bin/ ... I usually just cd to the directory and do ./
  4. You need to issue two commands in terminal:




    Note - when executing these commands either from the root (/) which is the command above, or from the directory they're in, you still need the leading ./ -- so if you're in the /blaze/tomcat/bin directory, the command to start tomcat is ./, not which will give you an error.

    Note #2 - You can close the terminal window. It says "hey, closing this will end processes running blah blah blah" but BlazeDS still works after you close the window. If you're just playing around, it might be worth leaving it open since it tells you in the console output how to shut the server down.

  5. open in a web browser.
  6. Play with the pretty flex remoting demos.
  7. Learn everything else. =)

Posted by illovich at 11:27 AM
November 18, 2006
reusable flash Creating Reusable Flash Buttons Controlled by HTML


In this tutorial you will learn how to create a reusable flash that can be configured through the HTML of the page displaying the SWF file. Using the technique you will be able to use one single SWF file for all your buttons in a single page.
This is one of those things that I've tried to do a couple times, but it never worked out...and truth be told, after reading the tutorial I'm not sure what I was doing wrong (maybe I wasn't passing the variable to the swf the right way).

Anyway, it's cool to see it work. Now I need to figure out how to force justify the single word in the button, and actually get the text how I want.

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November 13, 2006

I was looking for some information on how to style lists and blockquotes (I'm getting a little annoyed with them -- I can't figure out how to change their default indentations, and browsers give them way to much vertical space.

I found this nice site (or 5 sites) by maxdesign that look pretty helpful. At least they should help me figure out my list problems, if nothing else. And the Floatutorial: Step by step CSS float tutorial looks like required reading since I just got a headache from trying to figure out how to clear the floats in the new layout I'm working on.

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November 12, 2006
CSS From the Ground Up

Nice CSS tutorial, aimed at designers. Mostly nice because it gives tips on how to translate page layout concepts to CSS.

CSS From the Ground Up

Can you tell I'm working on a website?

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November 06, 2006
August 22, 2006
I can't believe that took as long as it did

I finally found out how to center divs on a page. I feel so stupid for not finding it earlier:

Max Design - CSS Centering - fun for all!

Theoretically, you should be able to apply auto margins to the left and right of the containing block and it should center on the page.

The W3C Visual formatting model states: "If both 'margin-left' and 'margin-right' are 'auto', their used values are equal. This horizontally centers the element with respect to the edges of the containing block."

So, a containing block should be able to be centered using the following rules:

margin-left: auto;
margin-right: auto;
width: 50em;

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June 13, 2006
Pantagruel at BibliOdyssey

BibliOdyssey: Pantagruel I

Pantagruel is a great collection of crazy creatures. Just looking a it I thought it beat the clap-trap in most of the Fantasy RPGs I've played. Some game company should give this stuff serious attention.

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June 02, 2006
fixing the MT bookmarklet for Safari

I knew if I googled this enough times I'd eventually find the rigth answer. This is totally the right answer.

Fixing the MT bookmarklet for Safari :: The Daily Journey ::





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May 25, 2006
I think I'm in trouble

Dofus Arena looks to be Final Fantasy Tactics remade as a multiplayer internet game.

Uh-oh. I hear my productivity dropping through the floor now.

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April 25, 2006
flashy flash flash

Some cool games in flash:

Final Fantasy in Flash

Xiao Xiao Shooter

Not a game, but I love this animation: Door Steps by Lodger.

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April 24, 2006
avoiding dark ages 2.0

An article reviewing the majority of current mac backup software reaches an uncomfortable conclusion: (Most)Mac Backup Software [is] Harmful

The surprising conclusion is that almost all Macintosh backup or cloning programs do not fulfill their primary purpose, i.e., they are not able to restore files with all associated metadata. This is despite the fact that many of the tools are advertised as “safe”, “accurate”, “bug-free”, etc. The tools that fail are harmful because they generate a false sense of security. Even more exasperating is that many of these tools cost (significant amounts of) money. The only laudable exception is the great SuperDuper application, which performs flawlessly.
Funnily enough, as is sadly too often the case, SuperDuper is free (with added features for money), whereas many of the other applications reviewed are not.

Posted by illovich at 02:41 PM
tcsh, tcsh by the csh | not

I had some problems with tcsh on my Mac, and I got sick of it. I read Using the shell Terminal in Mac OS X by A.P. Lawrence, and switched my shell to be /bin/bash. And now all that ruby and rails stuff works, and I don't even have to ~/.bash_login first!

I bet you were terribly worried.

Posted by illovich at 11:15 AM
April 12, 2006

OGLE: OpenGLExtractor by Eyebeam R&D is a cool 3d capture app "that allows for the capture and re-use of 3D geometry data from 3D graphics applications running on Microsoft Windows."

Basically, that means you can run this software while running say a video game, and it will capture the 3d models that are displayed.

Weird! (some cleanup required, apparently).

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April 11, 2006
Ruby on Rails resources

There's a nice collection of ruby on rails resources over at eDevil's blog. Path: eDevil%u2019s weblog » Blog Archive » Ruby on Rails resources

Oh, ruby!

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April 06, 2006
Flash games stuff for class

Flashier Flash (I know, I know) is a webite that has tutorials on making tile based games, which I need to figure out for my final project.

Steve's Tutes has actionscript 2.0 game programming info.

Posted by illovich at 04:05 PM
begin at the start

Hmm, I should remember that sometimes the official site for a technology often has the beginners guide that everyone else will assume you read. I just found StartAtTheBeginning in Ruby on Rails at the official Ruby on Rails Wiki.

Have you noticed a general upward curve regarding the total number of occurrences of the phrase "ruby on rails" around here? I sure have, and I wish I could explain it.

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April 05, 2006
ruby on rickitie rails

For a language that is 10 times easier (or was it faster?) than other web app development frameworks, Ruby on Rails is a real pain to install on OS X.... and it doesn't seem like it's much better on other platforms.

But as my 3 dear readers know (hello Scott, Damian and Chris) I am not above any command line geekery!

If you need to get "rolling" with "ruby on rails" (what is it about this language and all the cutesy phrases?), check out these articles:

Hivelogic: Articles: Building Ruby, Rails, LightTPD, and MySQL on Tiger -- This is the same as the one I blogged on the 27th...I found this pretty easy to follow, except that when I was done I had no idea how to get started, which in my mind is a fairly large hole in a tutorial. A big problem with the Ruby crowd seems to be that they often think you already have a rails app, or know what you're doing.

Rolling with Ruby on Rails on Mac OS X Tiger (for beginners) -- This one's a bit better for the newb, because it walks you through creating a blank ruby app. And then stops. But at least by following it from the part where he modifies /etc/httpd/httpd.conf it gets you able to open said blank ruby app via http://localhost/app. So you've got that going for you there.

MySQL Bindings for Ruby under Mac OS X Tiger picks up where the former left off, but is basically just some help on installing/configuring MySQL & the ruby bindings. If you worked through the first article up top, this is already done. -- Rolling with Ruby on Rails walks you through making a cookbook, although it assumes you're on a Windows box. So you sort of have to play along, like you are.

I've been enjoying reading Why%u2019s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby, which is the most bizarre thing about a programming language I've ever read. But it's a good read, and I think it lays out the case for why Ruby is interesting in a non-Web2.0alicious and non-CompSci manner.

It's more like talking to a guy on mushrooms, but at least he's basically coherent.

Posted by illovich at 03:15 PM
March 28, 2006
how to fix ruby on rails on mac os x

Apparently RoR ships all broookk3n on Mac OS X. Huh.

Hivelogic: Articles: Building Ruby, Rails, LightTPD, and MySQL on Tiger

Well, there. That's fixed now.

Posted by illovich at 12:51 PM
March 27, 2006
Gramophone records, magnetic tapes, vinyl records, digital samplers and computers have already liberated the samples long ago. But still - to infringe copyrights - one has to decide which sample one actually wants to steal. One has to arduously load audio files into sample editors or sequencers. One has to cut, copy, paste and arrange. All that takes precious creative energy and a lot of time.

Enough of that!

Copyright infringements have never been easier than with sCrAmBlEd?HaCkZ!

I can't wait to download sCrAmBlEd?HaCkZ!

Posted by illovich at 04:08 PM
March 20, 2006
open source flash multiuser server

Like I'll ever figure this one out: Oregano Multiuser Server

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December 04, 2005
world wide kaffeeklatsch

The Odeo Blog: Podcast Amongst Yourselves: Odeo moves towards democratizing podcasting with DIY toolkit.

Once you create a recording, you can share it with your Odeo contacts or by email. Peeps are your Odeo contacts that you can add, delete, and otherwise manage. Or you can share your audio with the world by placing it in a channel.

This probably isn't revolutionary, but it should help people who need a little help doing stuff like this, for example professors that I help at work.

Posted by illovich at 02:12 PM
November 29, 2005

BrickQuest: Fantasy Boardgaming in an ABS Universe by Peter Guenther. What's the feeling you get when someone beats you to the punch? I have that feeling now...

I had an idea for a Warhammer style table top game years ago when I worked at a hobby store. I never really developed it... my main concept was that you'd make vehicles and there would be rules concerning points cost determined by the number of "dots" it took to make each vehicle.

Which if you think about it for more than a minute is a terrible mechanic. But I was 18.

(via Boing Boing)

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August 11, 2005
totally me, yo

Grammar God!
You are a GRAMMAR GOD!

Congratulations! If your mission in life
is not already to preserve the English tongue,
it should be. You can smell a grammatical
inaccuracy from fifty yards. Your speech is
revered by the underlings, though some may
blaspheme and call you a snob. They're just
jealous. Go out there and change the world.

How grammatically correct are you? (Revised with answer key)
brought to you by Quizilla

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August 10, 2005
install java 5.0 on mac os x

Apple released Java 1.5/5.0 (whatever) a while ago, but curiously if you install it you'll find that java & javac are still the 1.4.2 versions.

huh. It turns out that you need to read the Java 5.0 - The Missing Installation Instructions over at the JavaRanch Big Moose Saloon.

Silly Apple!

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July 26, 2005
how to convert dvds to psp

DVD to PSP Conversion Guide

Might want to do this some time, hint hint, if someone that loved me very much wanted to get me a, hint hint, PSP for x-mas or my birthday sometime, hint hint.

Posted by illovich at 10:03 AM
July 22, 2005
I'm scared

Blackboard has a blog: Bblog: The Blackboard Weblog

It's funny the things you find out when you actually look through a vendor's website(s).

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July 21, 2005

I was told that I should Get Started with Hibernate instead of doing JDBC connections in the java.

Fair enough I suppose.

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July 07, 2005
context free image creation
Chris Coyne created a small language for design grammars. These grammars are sets of non-deterministic rules to produce images. The images are surprisingly beautiful, often from very simple grammars. Chris' program was a command line program for unix-like systems. We couldn't wait to play with creating our own images, but we wanted a full graphical environment for exploring them. Hence, Context Free, an environment for editing and rendering CFDG design grammars.
Posted by illovich at 04:57 PM
July 05, 2005
shuffle this photo galery

A compact photo-gallery css hack, pretty cool.

Posted by illovich at 12:18 PM
free painting program

Ambient Design Ltd. gives away a free natural media painting type synthesis program called Art Rage.

The title Art Rage seems a bit silly without a few !!!! trailing it. Check out the gallery to get an idea of what the app does, if natural media painting synthesizer doesn't do it for you.

Posted by illovich at 09:30 AM
March 22, 2005

SHELL EXTENSION CITY, millions of free Windows power tools, explorer enhancements, windows add-ons, tweaks, system utilities, freeware, ie5

Yeah, it's geeky websurfing day, apparently. I just don't have the time to follow this stuff up right now.

Posted by illovich at 01:04 PM
Full Source
ThunderMain believes in helping the wider community by sharing both knowledge and code. This page contains links to articles written by our CTO and sample code for other developers to use.

The windows IE extension allows you to view the source that's actually being displayed (as opposed to downloaded), which is helpful for seeing what's going on with pages that use a lot of document.write tricks, &c.

Posted by illovich at 12:52 PM
PHP Designer 2005

PHP Designer 2005 is some sort of free PHP editor that's also good for HTML.

Windows only.

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February 01, 2005
baseportal web database

A faculty member at work tipped me off to baseportal, a free service (yes, they also charge money for premium services.

It's pretty cool. You can set up a database and use it. I'm not sure how easy it is to integrate into another webpage though.

UPDATE: Oh, and I broke my database pretty easily. And I don't know how to get it back. Hmmm.

Posted by illovich at 12:49 PM
December 01, 2004
S5 Simple Standards-Based Slide Show System

S5: A Simple Standards-Based Slide Show System is a weird thing. It's like Powerpoint for your browser, but it looks like you need to be a .css hacker to really be able to put the thing to good use.

Still, it's a nice alternative to simply putting a.ppt file up, but perhaps it doesn't win against saving your powerpoint/keynote file as a PDF.

Not sure. I'd say that I would play with it, but I'm not sure I will. I like nice smooth fade transitions, cause I'm st00pid like that.

Posted by illovich at 01:27 PM
November 24, 2004
dreamy styles

So as I've mentioned previously, I've been trying to teach myself style sheets. I'm still having trouble, but it's beginning to take shape in my head.

If you know me, perhaps you've seen my hidden (ha ha) blog: ill o' dreams : a catalog of dreams; from fatigue, fever or other maladies. If you have, check it again and tell me what you think of the new stylesheet.

It's not perfect, but I like it lots better than the default MT template I was using before.

Posted by illovich at 03:51 PM
November 22, 2004
mpeg streamclip rocks

I've been using Squared 5's MPEG Streamclip for Mac OS X for a while now, and it truly rocks. It has allowed me to do all kinds of things for Temple Faculty that were heretofore a real pain in the ass, mostly capturing clips from DVDs.

I'm not sure if it works with store-bought DVDs (like movies) because we've only used it for ripping DVDs people have made with iMovie/iDVD or similar products.

Here's the description:

MPEG Streamclip is an application that converts MPEG files (including transport streams) into muxed, demuxed, QuickTime or DV files with more than professional quality, so you can easily import them in Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro and Toast 6. The most important conversions require the Apple MPEG-2 Playback Component (you can buy it online from Apple, but you already have it if you use either Final Cut Pro 4/HD or DVD Studio Pro); this component is used for high-quality decoding of MPEG-2 video. MPEG Streamclip also includes a player to set In and Out points, cut unwanted parts and perform a partial conversion.

Posted by illovich at 02:00 PM
October 31, 2004
Search Request Roundup

I haven't checked which searches have led people to my site recently, so I guess I'm out of the zeitgeist for the second, since the answer is not many:

 #reqs: search term
-----: -----------
    2: samurai and shiba inu
    2: foxy
    2: shiba inu
    2: homelandsecurity/videos of hostages
    1: jesus: wrong for america
    1: red hot girls com
    1: oidhche shamhna 2004
->  1: scott sendra
    1: funny logs
    1: san jo shiba inu
    1: info dr rusty shackleford
    1: ann coulter pics
    1: pics of shibas
    1: dancer buff bot macro
    1: squeak blog
    1: shiba inu puppy pictures
    1: apple soundtrack loop utility
    1: kristoff lib con

The interesting question is... who's looking for Scott Sendra? I know where he is, but I'm not telling.

Posted by illovich at 09:44 AM
October 27, 2004
fs_usage fs_usage Intro

$ sudo fs_usage -e -f filesystem|grep -v CACHE_HIT|grep -v grep|grep open

Got it?

Posted by illovich at 02:58 PM
October 13, 2004
Whoda thunk?

Apparently Scribus is a decent free Desktop Publishing app for unix distributions, including Mac OS X (Fink required).

Posted by illovich at 01:38 PM
September 15, 2004
a hot area

This W E B ' S   O F F I C E place is pretty useful, for snippets and stuff.

It's how I like my information: long on fragment, short on context.

Posted by illovich at 03:57 PM
hand me a magic...uh...perl

Weaving Magic With Regular Expressions sounds so magical, don't it?

Posted by illovich at 02:14 PM
September 14, 2004

I want .mac, but I don't want to pay for it. Dream on you say? Ha ha! Not when I have this handy dandy Homemade (Do It Yourself) .mac using mod_dav and Apache document at my fingertips.

Posted by illovich at 11:41 AM
September 08, 2004
Why god, why?

I think the phrase "UNIX on the Game Boy Advance" is enough. Once again, I do not need to elaborate.

Posted by illovich at 02:18 PM
August 23, 2004
ripping dvd audio

I have an upcoming project where I need to Convert DVD Audio to CD Audio, so I thought I should blog this page.

Posted by illovich at 04:04 PM
July 23, 2004
it sounds dirty

but it's just a freeware open-source text editor, written in Cocoa.

It's Smultron!

Posted by illovich at 03:25 PM
July 21, 2004
Drupal, not Ru Paul

Yeah, ok.. the title is stupid. I've been looking at blogs to recommend that Temple to roll out to the community, and unfortunately MT is probably not what we're looking for (because it costs money, sigh).

Drupal looks interesting. I like it because it's not just blogging software. I'll have to check it out more.

Which means installing it somewhere I guess. Groan.

Posted by illovich at 04:10 PM
July 07, 2004
for iStumbling around Scotland

I need to make sure to install iStumbler onto my computer before I leave for Scotland, as I understand there's quite a bit of free wireless internet in Glasgow, where I'll be spending most of my time.

Posted by illovich at 01:44 PM
June 29, 2004
free cfml server?

BlueDragon is a free CFML based application server that runs on Mac OS X and uses MySQL for a database server. If I were speaking, I'd repeat that because it's so unbelievable.

There are also payware versions that do the fancier things.

Posted by illovich at 09:37 AM
May 21, 2004
April 09, 2004
where do I fit in?

The org chart, she is so complicated.

Definitely above furries, though.

Posted by illovich at 02:36 PM
January 30, 2004
what a difference a world makes

If this were everquest, I could make this.

Posted by illovich at 02:56 PM
January 25, 2004
merci, charlotte

I mentioned the other day that I had made the new years resolution to learn CSS. Charlotte Lambert made css the page that made me want to learn CSS. The style sheet she made for css zen garden is so beautiful, I just keep going back to it constantly to look at it. I don't know if it's the hand-rendered in drawings or what, but it's just got that YOW that Steven Berkowitz is always talking about.

And btw, css Zen Garden is so cool, it really made me realize that Cascading Style Sheets is cool, is worth doing.

Posted by illovich at 05:11 PM
January 23, 2004
style safari

I have a new year's resolution to actually learn style sheets once and for all, and I don't mean just making text different colors, I mean the whole shebang... any way, I found some stuff on Safari (only) support for drop shadows and alpha transparency, and some guy's blog called What Do I Know? which had some nice things in it, especially a story about Winston Churchill's Parrot.

Ok, this is a good example to illustrate why I still don't know css.

Posted by illovich at 05:06 PM
December 05, 2003
how the world ends

I followed a link on die puny humans about how tiny black holes rain on the planet every year, and was disturbed by the final paragraph:

It would also show that the CERN particle physics laboratory near Geneva will soon be able to churn out black holes to order. Particle collisions at the Large Hadron Collider, due to start in 2007, would have enough energy to create thousands of black holes every day.
Ok, just in case the sci-fi alarm bells haven't started ringing in your head, let me be perfectly clear: It is NEVER a good idea to try to make black holes on your OWN PLANET.

I'm assuming I do not have to spell this argument out in too great detail.

Posted by illovich at 02:58 PM
November 22, 2003
boys playing with dolls

I found a terrible awfully geeky everquest fun website the other day: the EQPixel Army Gnomish Portrait Machine, which allows you to make dollz style toons of your everquest characters.


Kat: "What's that?"

Me: "It's a website that let's you make little cartoons of your EQ characters."

Me: "I can't believe people make things like this"

Kat: "I can't believe you've been playing with it for an hour"

But I was, and I made this ( click to see full size):

disclaimer: Kat informs me that the dialogue is not close to verbatim. She thinks she said something along the lines of "wasting your time with that thing" instead of "playing with with it for an hour," but when hard pressed she admitted that the dialogue e"ssentially captured the spirit" of the conversation (my words).

Posted by illovich at 12:34 PM
November 13, 2003
serving with panther

Yuval Kossovsky is writing a several part review of OS X Server 10.3 aka Panther. He seems to like it, as I 'm sure I will (I'm waiting of a copy to put on the 'ol XServe right now). Read all about it at Panther Server: Is it ready for the enterprise?

Posted by illovich at 01:11 PM
October 29, 2003
die puny webstream

Warren Ellis is recommending the work of a band called The Go! Team on his blog.

If you're a mac user, you might have some trouble hearing track 4, mainly because the website uses some bizarre combination of javascript, iframes and other obfuscated crap to try to mimic a streaming server.

Which is probably fine on the PC, which is no doubt the only platform they tested it on, but it sucks if you're on a mac, becasue you can't hear the songs. Nothing happens when you click.

Fortunately, a bit of reverse engineering (well, really just reverse concatenating) the javascript that plays the music results in:

Track 1
Track 2
Track 3
Track 4
Track 5

Those links should work if you have WMP installed, which I guess you have to these days.

The songs are pretty good, it was worth the effort anyway. I don't blame the band as I'm sure that the fabulous website budget that they invested was embezzled by an unscrupulous webmonkey, but this stuff does get annoying, and it probably costs them more fans than the cd sales it would ostensibly save.

What is the lesson I'm trying to impart? If you want to protect your music, use a real streaming server (I don't care what kind, as long as the name doesn't include "real" in it). If you don't care to go that distance, don't be cute. Just link to the files like it was a normal thing, and let people hear your music.

Posted by illovich at 12:40 PM
October 06, 2003
are you being xserved?

I might need to know about using an Xserve for a Small Business LAN in the future, but for now let's keep that on the QT (not QuickTime).

Posted by illovich at 09:14 AM
September 30, 2003
cowabunga, duudes!

Thanks to Jeff Skrysak, who ported LOGO to Mac OS X. Also of interest is CocoaMySQL, for managing MySQL databases.

Posted by illovich at 12:07 PM
September 18, 2003
these are not the driods you're looking for

move along.

Posted by illovich at 06:01 PM
September 16, 2003
kiss my asp

I've been learning about databases, as I might have mentioned earlier. Did I? Not sure, I'll have to look.

Where was I?

Ah: I found this website called ASP Resource Index, or Aspin.

Beyond having some ASP code snippets, applications and coponents, they also have a nice My First Script that has tutorials for JScript, PERL, VB and VBscript. No PHP unfortuanately.

Posted by illovich at 11:19 AM
September 04, 2003
0p3n s0u4c3 plz

A super-secret project has been getting me more familiar with databases than I ever thought possible... and I kind of like it. It must be an age thing; super-slick glitzy graphics when you're a young man, data driven dynamic documents when you're a bit more mature.

However, alliteration never loses it's gleam.

But I digress. Although I'm working in Cold Fusion and should be paying attention to that, I keep finding references to PHP and MySQL.

Mac OS X versions of both of those are at: Marc Liyanage's page.

Posted by illovich at 12:43 PM
September 03, 2003
death to blackboard

I hate blackboard. The company is lame, support sucks, and every patch that fixes one thing breaks two others.

It's all Moodle for me from here on out. Free and Open Source, the way things should be run at a University.

Posted by illovich at 12:53 PM
August 14, 2003
we're all cypherpunks now

I've been reading Cryptonomicon by Neil Stephenson the last few nights.

It's amazing how reading a book about cryptostuff will increase your paranoia about how transparent your everday life is.

We’re in a strange moment right now where everyone who uses the internet seems to be cognoscente at some level that it has its weaknesses from a security standpoint. So if you sit down and talk to most people who use e-mail they are aware at some level that their e-mail really isn’t private. Everyone hears about crackers breaking into systems all the time. Everyone who uses a cell phone must understand at some level that it’s a radio, a walkie-talkie, and every word they say is being broadcast in a way that anyone with a scanner could pick it up and listen to it.

People know these things but nobody acts on it, which I find kind of interesting. Historically there is not a lot of actual spying on people’s email that goes on. It happens, but it doesn’t seem to be causing serious problems for very many people. The same is kind of true for cell phones.


I'm not really clear, about how I feel about it all... in some moments it feels awfully self obsessed to believe that some government agency would care what I said in my emails, but then other times it seems like I should worry that I'm being watched.

Posted by illovich at 01:40 PM
June 20, 2003
The intangible Millennium Elephants of the Milky Way

My new Superteam is almost complete. Thanks, Lee's (Useless) Super-Hero Generator!!!

The Intangible Millennium Elephants of the Milky Way

The radioactive Sir Boy
Power(s): X-ray vision
Source of powers: Ancient lore

The stupendous Freedom Bee
Power(s): Power mimicry, Prehensile tail, Super speed
Source of powers: Technology

The dewy-eyed Suicyde Krystal
Power(s):Flame generation/control
Source of powers: Genetic engineering

The adjectiveless Ms. Armadillo
Power(s): Enhanced senses, Energy absorption, Psychic
Source of powers: Mystic

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Posted by illovich at 03:07 PM
April 16, 2003

Oh no! I looked at Squeak. Now I will delude myself into thinking that I will someday learn to program in smalltalk, and I will download squeak, read a tutorial, get bored and forget it.

Oh no! Morphic looks neat-o.

Oh no!

Posted by illovich at 12:37 PM
February 26, 2003
augen b LyX

Ronald Florence has written an article on how to install LyX on MacOSX, using Apple's X11 beta, taTex and fink. And ghostscript, xdvi, gv, imagemagick, and ispell.

Hokey smokey. Am I open source yet?

Posted by illovich at 12:08 PM
February 25, 2003
a list apart

A List Apart seems to be a nice place, their sentiments against bloggers

Posted by illovich at 03:42 PM
February 20, 2003
is that a fat lady singing?

The ever irreverent and I guess wacky Crazy Apple Rumors Site has a story that Apple is really trying to care that Opera may stop developing for the mac, now that Safari is all out and everything.

I didn't know that anbody even cared enough about Opera to make jokes about it.

Posted by illovich at 03:40 PM
February 17, 2003

Apple posted an article for relative newbs (as far as web services goes) --Web Services With WebObjects

Oh, and I sort of figured out what was wrong with bookmarklets for movable type and the Safari browser. Not like I was able to really fix it or anything.

Good night.

Posted by illovich at 01:15 AM
February 14, 2003

So, assuming you're on a mac... have you checked out Konfabulator! yet?

I won't hype it for you, except it's the coolest ware I've seen in about at least 3 months.

Go check it out, and if you're Windows only, don't feel bad about crying. Ok, so maybe it's not that cool. I have seen a few faces fall already when they asked me if there was a windows version though.

Ha. ha.

Posted by illovich at 04:47 PM
January 12, 2003
megahertz matters

Rob Galbraith has posted an article that demonstrates that, despite Apple's claims to the contrary, in image processing, megahertz matters. And to put it more clearly, that at this point PCs are much faster than Macs when you use Photoshop.

This is more evidence to confirm what I've been observing for quite some time now.

I was working on a project recently which included (among many other things) rasterizing fourty-one 5-10MB .eps images that had been exported from autocad.

I set up a batch in photoshop on my (then) brand new dual G4 with 1gb of ram and sat back while photoshop slogged through the work. Normally I'd stop playing with the computer and do something else.

But today, I had the Dell laptop that the rasterized images were ultimately bound for, and it had photoshop. Since this job was sort of a rush, I decided to process some of the images on the laptop.

A half hour later, the Dell (Laptop!!! Not even the top of the line one!) had finished all of the processing and the mac was not even half done the same amount of work.

This was when I began to realize that megahertz was perhaps not as much as a myth as Apple likes to claim. It's a shame, because I prefer MacOSX to WinXP by far.... but the speed is so disparate at this point that I find my self working on WinXP just because it's so much faster for so many things... and I curse a lot more because the OS is lacking so many features that MacOS (not OSX as much) has had for years...


Posted by illovich at 12:59 PM
January 08, 2003
apple roundup

A buncha of apple news, filtered for joo:

Safari: Apple has released their own web browser, named Safari. It seems pretty good.. bookmark/favorite importing was a bit dicey (it imported my bookmarks, but hid them in a folder which didn't show up in the Bookmarks menu), and it breaks javascript being ablle to be executed from bookmark toolbar, which sucks. However, it has a "supress pop-up window" feature, which is good and it reall is a lot faster at page rendering, etc. than IE.

Powerpoint Keynote: Not content to piss off Microsoft by trying to muscle in on IE's marketshare, Apple has decided to attack the niche of 1/3 of MS Office: Powerpoint. XML file format, anti-aliasing, blah blah blah. It's main selling point seems to be better clip art, and that it's not made by Miscrosoft. It's really hard to take Keynote seriously, and I can't believe they want $99 for it. $49 would have made more sense, since you still have to pony up $299 for Office, since Keynote lacks a wordprocessor or spreadsheet.

iLife: Apple will be releasing iMovie 3, iDVD 2 and iPhoto 2 on January 25th with iTunes 3 (already released) in a package called iLife which will now retail for $49, as opposed to free. Except that iTunes, iMovie and iPhoto will still be free downloads. Jobspeak translation: iDVD 2 will be priced at $49, and will come with the other iApps thrown on the install cd.

New 17" Powerbook: Big screen. What else is there to say? Yawn. It's nice to see 800mbs firewire and 802.11g wireless networking available now...

X11 for X: Hey neat. Now I can run xterm with Aqua widgets. Seriously though, you can download a few other X11 Packages from OpenDarwin. Good luck trying to figure it out if you've never used X11. Or if you're like me and have sort of used X11 before, but really don't get it at all. That xterm sure is keen though.

Posted by illovich at 09:25 AM
January 06, 2003
it's like letters, um, on my screen

Dumb yet at the same time great app of the day: FridgeMagnets.

You run it and it makes digital fridge magnet type letters that you can drag around your desktop. That's it. MacOSX only, ha ha.


Posted by illovich at 11:08 AM
November 13, 2002
writing shit about new snow for the rich is not art

poem: elaborate moon delicate stare enormous rain sordid language write a repulsive star you gorgeous languid sea

$10 shareware fridge magnet simulator called Issa got announced today and I checked it out.

It's cheaper than a box of the real ones, and you get to add your own word lists. Downside? No "make them stick to your actual fridge" functionality.

Posted by illovich at 12:33 PM
October 31, 2002
direct advertiser < teh suck

I found an article at about teh suck messenger service spam. This piece of software (direct advertiser) is so annoying, because it uses the same ports as some essential M$ service, so it seems like a lot of people won't be able to completely and effectively wall off their machines from these spamattacks.

I'll be able to at home, but probably not at work, since we rely so heavily on win2k server stuff. I dunno, I'll talk matt and rick about it, cause they'd know better than I do.

It is possible to remove teh suck messenger though, thanks to mynetwatchman for the link.

Edit: M$ recommends in their ineffable document Q330904 - Messenger Service Window That Contains an Internet Advertisement Appears that users configure the firewall included with XP to block block NetBIOS and RPC traffic. That's probably good advice...but I still use Netbios to share files between my "good" pc and my old one, and kat's pc...both of which are still running Windows98 SE. That might mess stuff up. Guess I can always try it first and curse later.

Posted by illovich at 08:35 AM
October 30, 2002
microsoft messenger service is teh suck

Ok, this shit needs to be fixed right now:

Clearly, there is something wrong with this service, which doesn't seem to be removable on Windows XP. I'll admit that I haven't researched it fully, but so far all I find is that it's a "critical service" that can not be removed.

Ugh. I am so sick of this. I get like 8 of them a day, and now it's started at work too... no system administrator ever sends me messeges like this.

Anyone know how to fix this one? I can't take pop-ups when I'm NOT EVEN SURFING THE WEB.

Note to those who don't understand: this is a "feature" of windows that the spam brigade has started exploiting...they just send ads to random ip numbers that pop up on your screen no matter what you're doing, exploiting a feature of the operating system. And since I'm not really like a nuts and bolts winxp admin, I have no idea how to stop it. I don't know if winxp admins do either, actually.

Anyway, I have a dr. appt. now, that I have to go to.

Posted by illovich at 02:38 PM
October 17, 2002
turning japanese

So Apple has debuted their loser Switch campaign in Japan. I actually prefer the commercials in Japanese, becasue people look and sound so cool speaking Japanese.

I think Momoko Kikuchi has some real Feiss potential, if you know what I mean.

Posted by illovich at 12:06 PM
October 11, 2002
all about the sauce

A classmate just referred me to, which is a clearing house for internet related development (web building/java/perl/cgi/&c.) stuff. It looks pretty nice, at least as a place to search for free code snippets.

Posted by illovich at 09:43 AM
October 09, 2002
Mr. BlueJ on my shoulder

Someone on the Apple Java list told me about BlueJ, a nice beginner IDE for student java developers. What's cool abut it is that it was written as an environment for learning java instead of working with java, so it's a lot simpler than using say ProjectBuilder or Netbeans.

Not to say I don't want to use them, but this has some very nice features, including the best compiler error handing I've ever experienced... not only does it tell you the error, but sometimes gives a hint as to what's wrong.

Written entirely in java, there are Mac OSX, Windows and Unix versions (the OS X version has the Aqua L&F).

Posted by illovich at 03:12 PM
October 08, 2002
pick up a tipertoo

I saw Ken Bereskin's Radio Weblog for the first time today. He puts up one OS X tip a day... although it's aimed mostly at basic use, still it's a nice place to pick up a tip or two.

Posted by illovich at 09:45 AM
October 04, 2002
Cuppa Java, Joe?

I just figued out how to build java classes from Project Builder (that is, without switching to terminal and typing "javac" over and over).

Unfortunately, it takes longer and makes a whole lot of files, instead of just one filename.class file. Bleh. Maybe there's a way to set up a "I just want to make a stupid braindead thingy in java" template for PB.


Posted by illovich at 11:44 AM
October 03, 2002
Essential Blogging is out (or in?)

O'Reilly has released Essential Blogging, which is written by a bunch of people including Ben and Mena (writers of moveabletype) and Rael who wrote BlosXom, which is what got me started blogging in the first place.

If you're interested, you should buy the book. Or whatever, you know.

Posted by illovich at 10:18 AM
September 17, 2002
Koo-koo for Cocoa Perl

Unix underpants strike again! CamelBones is a framework allowing "many types of Cocoa programs to be written entirely in Perl. It also provides a high-level object-oriented wrapper around an embedded Perl interpreter, so that Cocoa programs written in Objective-C can easily make use of code and libraries written in Perl."

I'm not sure what that means exactly, but it sounds great.

Posted by illovich at 08:37 AM
September 13, 2002
webDAV, apache and me

Shawn Wall poster a tutorial on configuring apache running under OS X to enable webDAV support and share out iCal files. I'd been meaning to learn how to do the webDAV thing...I don't care about Jaguar (and thus iCal) yet, maybe becasue I don't have them.

Posted by illovich at 09:24 PM
September 12, 2002

I finally get where class libraries get installed under MacOS X... after finding that technote, it all makes sense.

You go to /Library/Java which has a symbolic link inside of it (some pepole call them aliases, others shortcuts) to the home directory of the current Java installation, which happens to be 1.3 on MacOS X 10.1.5.

Maybe I'll get that Jaguar upgrade I've been dreaming of. Don't know if 1.4 comes with it or not.

Posted by illovich at 10:09 AM
August 27, 2002
Oh yeah? May I inspect plz?

I "found" a "non-commercial, daily Web zine" that claims to be über, but I saw no indication of vellious armor, an epic or any other choice gear.

How Not to Get a Job at Apple is kind of funny, I hope that it's not true that Apple only hires people who know employees, because besides being unethical it's also illegal (I think).

I like the format though. A one page essay or other thing per day, kind of like suck.

But not nearly as funny, unfortunately.

Posted by illovich at 11:02 AM
August 26, 2002

Chris emailed me this news item:Sneakernet is the new hot thing!!! And, why not?

What with broadband getting more and more expensive, thumbnail sized 20-gig firewire drives getting cheaper and cheaper and Big Brother-style federal government getting more and more nosy, why not Sneakernet!

Here's how: instead of emailing that file home, put it on a harddrive and carry it with you! Simple! No firewall, no nosy network admin asking you about anything, no file attachment nonsense. Just good old fashioned hard, attached via Firewire (IEEE 1394) or USB 2.0.


Posted by illovich at 12:49 PM
August 14, 2002
a soft romantic pluginish feel

Auto FX Software made a free plaugin for Photoshop 7 available called Dreamy Photo. Woopie.

"Dreamy Photo gives images a soft romantic feel. This is a superb effect for enhancing stock photography, digital camera photos and any image you want to add a warm feel to. "

It kind of reminds me of another plugin, Gaussian FX from Kai, but frankly the propsed applications on their website make me think of big family portraits hanging in the front hall. In the seventies.

Or pictures of Elizabeth Taylor after 1970.

But it is free.

Posted by illovich at 03:09 PM
August 12, 2002
Get me the Cocoa Files

I found some articles by Andrew Stone linked off of macintouch or something today. I always make noise about learning to program, but never actually get around to it...I always get stuck/frustrated/bored with pointers and give up.

But there's some nice stuff in there, including an introduction to the Mac OS X command line that seems nice for people without unix experience.

Posted by illovich at 05:11 PM
July 12, 2002
Internet Development on OS X

So today I found out about the Internet Developer section on Apple's developer site. Looks nice...that will probably help with the new XServe that we got in on Tuesday.

What's on it so far? NOTHING! Woot! Empty web and streaming server with nothing on it...384 GB to fill with something meaningful, like quicktime movies of the State.

Seriously though, it's a pretty sweet deal, unless you have an irrational hatred of macs. For about 8k you get a 1U rack unit with 2gigs of memory, 4 120 gig drives (you can set up a 380 gig raid5 with the three extra drives in about 40 seconds) a BSD based OS with Apache, Perl, PHP, MySQL, etc. preinstalled...other extras like nice included remote admin software make it even nicer.

Alright, enough drooling. I got band practice in a few minutes.

Posted by illovich at 04:23 PM
June 18, 2002
Office XP is teh suck!

Yeah, I really don't know actually. I just installed it at the Instructional Support Center where I work. Todays been mostly about installing software and otherwise configuring my new work pc.

Photoshop 7 and Painter 7 are pretty much the coolest, and I got one of those Audigy EX sound cards, which came with a bunch of decent lite versions of software, including Fruity Loops which I thought was relatively righteous.

In case you were wondering, yes I know I spelled miscellaneous incorrectly. It's just a pain to fix, and I working on getting up the gumption to reexport the slice...which I realize will take all of 2 minutes.

The above paragraph should shed light on why at 30 I'm still trying to decide on what I want to do about graduate school.

Let's see.

Oh, apparently Neverwinter Nights came out today, which is pretty cool. I'm wondering if it will be another Everquest for me -- or another Heavy Metal FAKK 2000.

The above paragraph should also shed some light on why at 30 I'm still trying to decide on what I want to do about graduate school.

Ta ta for now.

Posted by illovich at 04:20 PM