July 21, 2004
spam this, bitch

Ok, I'm really really sick of top@tgdref.com and sexaholics.com and better-penis-pills.orgy leaving bot spam in my comments section.

Die. Die. Die.

No really, Die.

I installed MT-Blacklist which has, in 5 minutes, eliminated all of the spam comments and is now a personal force field shield against future spam bots.

Ok, it's not spamproof, but it seems like it will help me keep up with spam and allow comments again.

So Christina Thomas 16, Courtney Stoneburg (age 16), Lalina Starling, mike, GEORGE BUSH (I guess we're still working on those naked pics, buddy), Brad Walker, etc.... come on back and post again, lol.

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March 10, 2004
good ol tag

Looks like I have to fix the line width height for the ol tag on my style sheet.

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September 30, 2003
hit-and-run blogging

Scott Sendra has commented occasionally on the hit-and-run style of my blogging.

Well, yeah. I'm supposed to write a graduate thesis on Bubb Rubb?

But seriously folks, I'm just looking over the site and realizing that for the most part I've just been using this blog as a really complicated bookmark tracker and one-liner delivery mechanism.

Now comes the cliched part where I moan about something and vaguely threaten to take down the site, because it's too much work and nobody really cares--except that part doesn't come now.

Now comes the part where I realize that I enjoy having a eally complicated bookmark tracker and one-liner delivery mechanism, and once again thank my lucky stars that I was born now and not then.

Same as it ever was, in a nutshell that's the tip of my iceberg.


Added "Similar nonsense" link to each entry to allow for contextual category surfing. Whatever that means.

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April 22, 2003
ever changing blog

A few neat changes to my blog.

  • Added categories. Why? Because I wanted to switch to human readable urls, instead of posts being /archives/00000321.html they will now be /archives/changelog/ever_changing_blog.html.

  • implemented human readable filenames via the "<$MTEntryCategory dirify="1"$>/<$MTEntryTitle dirify="1"$>.html" MovableType Tag.

  • categorized all posts

  • reorganized content navigation link groups on right hand side

  • minor changes to individual and archive page templates
It just gets more and more compelling around here, huh?

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April 19, 2003
maintaining the status quo

...or rather my website. Had a few things to do, mainly wanted to add the search field to the index page; my template was made before the feature was available, so I needed to put it in by hand.

So yes, I'm trying to say that I was using movable type before you were. born. ok?

Not really. I also reorganized the right navigation links.... I mean, who cares about the calendar and the archives-by-month, eh? Right to the bottom.

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April 11, 2003

Well, I upgraded to MT 2.63 and in the process I converted the db from Berkely to MySQL.

Am I impressed yet?

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April 10, 2003
Testing Kung-log Just checking to see if this this works. Hey, it does!
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February 03, 2003

added new icons (29-49)
altered random image script to reflect new icons
to do: write new random image script so duplicate
images are not allowed.

oh, and I had this really strange dream on Saturday.

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January 13, 2003
now incremented by .3!

I just upgraded to movabletype 2.5. What's the difference? Probably none to anybody but me.

And I'm not sure what it does for me. I should really send in that donation one of these days.

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November 05, 2002
I have to admit, it's getting better

Well, the problem seems to have been a wierd disk usage error at my isp (my fault). I had thought I was being clever and gave my user a quota of 5 mb for email, not thinking that that might be a 5 mb quota, period.

So I removed that and wehn the system updated I rebuillt the site and it seems to be working again, except for the comments to my culture war story, which still are invisible.

Ah well... and I'm sick by the way. Throat hurtin', nose stuffy, dry hackin' coughy sick. beh.

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November 04, 2002
suddenly, everything sucks

If you view this page regularly you might notice that the pages are looking different each time you come. This is completely a mystery to me. I see it too, and I'm not changing any files...what seems to be happening is that Moveable Type is choking on my page halfway through serving it up... and some of the comments don't show up. For example, Abe Krieger actually responded to my post about his letter to the daily news (!!!), and I responded to it, but they both seem to be invisible at the moment.

Anyway, I'm sorry for the inconvenience, and I'll have it fixed as soon as I can, and I really hope that the database that all the entries are in isn't screwed to hell.

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July 08, 2002
Ah, that's a bit better...

I just realized that this page wasn't showing the last se7en days of entries, but rather the last se7en days, entries or not. So I changed it to just show the last se7en entries instead.

So at least it will seem like there's more here.

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June 18, 2002
Ok, I fixed it

I felt really terrible about that missing "L" in Miscellaneous, so I fixed it. Happy?

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June 16, 2002
You can inform Lord Vader...

...that the Death Star is now fully operational. Woot. I got the illovich.com domain working full steam, moveable type smooth and silky, I got a hyper-text editor to go with my hyperreal lifestyle and photoshop is like milk and honey over in my neck of the woods.
That really doesn't make any sense, but I just wanted to post something since I've been trying to get everything working for the last couple hours or something. This cgi/data driven webpage is--as Barbie might say when you pull her string-- "hard."

Oh great, now Kat's saying "bed. midnight. bed." over and over again.

Oh great, I forgot to watch Adult Swim again.

Oh great, I have to go to work tomorrow.


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June 14, 2002
Allright, that's enough of that

I'm not sure if I should be concerned or not that getting MT up and running took me over 24 hours. I guess there was that bit about the perl modules that I wasn't real clear about, but still...I think messing around with the templates was the hardest most annoying part.

Oh well, it's done well enough now. I guess I should figure out ghow to migrate this off of this box and on to a server that I feel relatively comfortable letting the world look at.

And I'm sure the world will want to have a look.

So....that's what I did on my day off? What next, root canal during my summer vacation?

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Looking good so far

Well, MT is starting to look good. A few more tweaks and I'll be satisfied, I think. Whoopie.

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Here we go

Oh-bah-kay-bah, now we're talking. I think we're about to get to some quality blogging now.

Movable Type is like, just about almost set up. Woooooot.

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June 13, 2002
Doesn't look so good on Windoze

Yucky. I'm finally making some progress on this verschluggner thing, and it doesn't seem to want to look good on windows. Stupid browser differences, they'll get you every time.

Posted by illovich at 09:02 PM
Sooooo....Moveable Type?

Well, here we go. I went over to movable type. Whoopie. I still have a bit to play with....for example, how the hell do I get this part on my front page? I may have erred, installing into this MT directory.

oh well.

Also, I can't seem to change the templates.

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June 12, 2002
Considering moving to MovableType

Blosxom is nice and all, but I want a form based blog that I don't have to ssh to my machine to use, or fire up bbedit for. Plus I'm to lazy or too perl-deficient to figure out how to make a blosxom post form for my machine.

Plus, I still have no idea how to make that hashmark-thingy at the bottom of each post do anything. Rael said something about it to me, months ago, but I didn't understand what he was talking about, and I was too, I don't know, embarrassed or something, to ask him what he meant.

Boy do I feel like a global village idiot.

I wish i felt more like a l33t H4x0r economist. I bet you didn't know 413x4nDeR h4Milt()n was k0R3An. (originally seen on Breakfast of Champions. Thanks, dharmaqueen.)

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June 11, 2002
I made the doughnuts

Ok, blosxom is updated. happy happy joy joy. I guess the next step is to install syndication, and then figure out why the form I'm making to post blog entries (in a browser not bbedit) isn't working. Or I could just keep working on my f'in photo class, which is what I should be doing. The again, maybe I'm doing enough for my class. or maybe not.

Why would anybody want to read this?

Posted by illovich at 05:04 PM
A thought occurs to me

I think I need to update blosxom. I installed it right after Rael released it, and never looked back. Let's see if an update is available.

Yup. 0+4i coming right up.

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My so-called blog

So I just dusted off my webserver, and it still works!
Aren't you glad? This is my OSX box on my desk. I just make things when I want to play with things, so back off. If you want to look at something fun, try here. If you were looking for my fonts or something else, and ended up here somehow, try here. Oh yeah, I've done a lot of other not-very exciting stuff, much of which is linked here.

Remember: If you don't click a link now, the terrorists have already won.

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