June 12, 2002
Considering moving to MovableType

Blosxom is nice and all, but I want a form based blog that I don't have to ssh to my machine to use, or fire up bbedit for. Plus I'm to lazy or too perl-deficient to figure out how to make a blosxom post form for my machine.

Plus, I still have no idea how to make that hashmark-thingy at the bottom of each post do anything. Rael said something about it to me, months ago, but I didn't understand what he was talking about, and I was too, I don't know, embarrassed or something, to ask him what he meant.

Boy do I feel like a global village idiot.

I wish i felt more like a l33t H4x0r economist. I bet you didn't know 413x4nDeR h4Milt()n was k0R3An. (originally seen on Breakfast of Champions. Thanks, dharmaqueen.)

Posted by illovich at June 12, 2002 11:56 AM
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