November 20, 2003
it's funnier when they're scared

The Headline at InfoWorld saysSCO [CEO]: "GPL threatens $229B software market"

"The world, especially here in America, is shifting to one that is an information society," McBride said. "In the future, is that $229 billion in software still going to be there? Or in the case of the Free Software Foundation's goal, is proprietary software going to go away?"

Attendees of McBride's keynote were handed a WIPO primer on intellectual property (IP) law entitled "Intellectual Property: A Power Tool for Economic Growth." The pamphlet had been shipped to SCO by WIPO free of charge, a SCO spokesman said.

McBride likened the notion of free software to a variety of movements including file sharing, the dot-com bubble, and even free love. He predicted that the proprietary and open-source worlds were on a "collision course," that would ultimately result in the end of the GPL license.


It used to be that when shmoes needed something, they came to us, the rich people, and we would sell it to them. That's why we're big businessmen and they're all factory workers. Or whatever it is they do.

Now these hippies with their free love and free software want to just come along and give things away for free.

When will they grow up and learn that capitalism depends on being able to sell a product again and again and again!

WWWAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! I'm going to sue everybody who ever used unix! WHAAAAAAAAA!!!!! I'm not a sue happy cowboy!!!!! MOOOOOOMMMMMYYYY!!!!

We need to look at real businesses like Microsoft and Apple that get their customers to pay them for an OS and then pay for bug fixes! Patch? Patch? Fuck the little guy! They need to pay for it!

This freeware crap has got to go!

It IS funnier when their scared. What I think is funny is, when's the last time you heard about any innovation coming out of SCO? It seems all they are now is a whinny sue-happy cadre of suits that occasionally releases a software update.

Posted by illovich at November 20, 2003 09:39 AM
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