July 12, 2002
Internet Development on OS X

So today I found out about the Internet Developer section on Apple's developer site. Looks nice...that will probably help with the new XServe that we got in on Tuesday.

What's on it so far? NOTHING! Woot! Empty web and streaming server with nothing on it...384 GB to fill with something meaningful, like quicktime movies of the State.

Seriously though, it's a pretty sweet deal, unless you have an irrational hatred of macs. For about 8k you get a 1U rack unit with 2gigs of memory, 4 120 gig drives (you can set up a 380 gig raid5 with the three extra drives in about 40 seconds) a BSD based OS with Apache, Perl, PHP, MySQL, etc. preinstalled...other extras like nice included remote admin software make it even nicer.

Alright, enough drooling. I got band practice in a few minutes.

Posted by illovich at July 12, 2002 04:23 PM
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