February 13, 2006
dead eye dick

I don't usually love the Philadelphia Daily News but I love them today.

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February 08, 2006
WoW is fabulous

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As far as the other day's post, I think the faction that wants to get the "gay" out of Warcraft is going to have an uphill battle anyway.

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February 07, 2006
dissenters prove lambda's case

From the comments to WoW: Blizzard Gets Gay Rights Warning (Kotaku),

"Wow, all I can say is: Mind your own business, and get a real job. The virtual world is NOT the real world, it's Blizzard's game, and they can do what they want. Frankly, in a real court, these jokes would have no case at all, and would likely be thrown out." - Corydorf

"This just sickens me.

I understand why Blizzard would reneg on their reprimands to that one player, but I hope against hope that they never cave into to these rediculous demands. And hey, if homosexuals want freedom to advertise their "gay friendly" (which is pretty much say "gay only") guilds and discussing homosexual topics of interests in public chat, everyone else should have the power to tell them to "STFU" and "GTFO".

It makes me very upset and angry that GLAD has is looking for "equality" in a virtual world. What's next? Busing the Horde into Alliance territory to fight racial hatred?" - Galvon

"I wonder how long until a Nambla friendly guild starts up?" -- Spilt_Milk

"why are they just gay friendly? are they not black friendly? what about penguin friendly? howabout midget friendly? if theyre all those things, why dont they advertise that?

saying youre "gay friendly" and not saying anything else, is basically saying, like Galvon said, "This is a gay only guild". sure they dont mean that, but thats what it comes down to and you all know that." - tony528

"Haha, I love it. As soon as you say ANYTHING against the gay community you are labeled as a homophobe. Any deviation from their agenda and PRESTO, you hate homosexuals!

If they allow this sort of conduct in WoW then I shall form my "terrorist friendly" guild for anyone who is sympathetic to any terrorist cause across the globe.

Heh, maybe then George Bush will wire tap WoW servers and Blizzard will realize that it shouldn't put up with cry babies who can't deal." - Galvon

"I think they want to be hated" - Zoglog

"Finally, if you don't want to be attached (sic, I'm sure he means attacked) don't go telling everyone "I'm gay". Yes you are, that's wonderful... now keep it to yourself. You don't see straight people goung around saying how "straight" the are all the time." -Galvon

and of course my favorite:

I don't think it is too much to ask that people don't advertise that they have sex with poop in a place where children are encouraged to congregate. - Spilt_Milk

There's nothing quite like having your opponents make your case for you, huh? My opinion is that Lambda Legal should use these in their case in the event Blizzard doesn't find a clue, which it actually seems like they will.

Ice cream for everybody! Except that Galvon guy. He's a real tool.

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