October 31, 2004
Search Request Roundup

I haven't checked which searches have led people to my site recently, so I guess I'm out of the zeitgeist for the second, since the answer is not many:

 #reqs: search term
-----: -----------
    2: samurai and shiba inu
    2: foxy
    2: shiba inu
    2: homelandsecurity/videos of hostages
    1: jesus: wrong for america
    1: red hot girls com
    1: oidhche shamhna 2004
->  1: scott sendra
    1: funny logs
    1: san jo shiba inu
    1: info dr rusty shackleford
    1: ann coulter pics
    1: pics of shibas
    1: dancer buff bot macro
    1: squeak blog
    1: illovich.com
    1: shiba inu puppy pictures
    1: apple soundtrack loop utility
    1: kristoff lib con

The interesting question is... who's looking for Scott Sendra? I know where he is, but I'm not telling.

Posted by illovich at 09:44 AM
October 27, 2004

rentzsch.com: fs_usage Intro

$ sudo fs_usage -e -f filesystem|grep -v CACHE_HIT|grep -v grep|grep open

Got it?

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October 14, 2004
Simulacra and Science Fiction

Jean Baudrillard- Two Essays: Simulacra and Science Fiction & Ballard's Crash

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October 13, 2004
Whoda thunk?

Apparently Scribus is a decent free Desktop Publishing app for unix distributions, including Mac OS X (Fink required).

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October 12, 2004
The question is...

if you're going to lose an election, should you still vote?

In the USA, even if you think Kerry's going to lose, please vote for him. If you live somewhere else, I guess it's your call.

But yeah, I'd still vote for television.

Posted by illovich at 10:54 AM
October 06, 2004
I really really like Glasgow

I fell sort of like a teenaged girl writing this, but I really really like Glasgow. It's a really beautiful city and it reminds me a lot of Philadelphia--except, you know the really cool buildings that are here and there in Philly?

Yeah, those cool ones that look all sandstone and old and beautiful. Those are everywhere in Glasgow and the shitty modern crap is only once and a while.

It's really friendly here, really crowded and really busy. But Glasgow also sort of has a Philly attitude that makes you almost homesick but not quite.

I dunno if I could live here, but I'd sure like to try. Only if I could bring my dogs though. Kat and I really miss them, which sort of proves that we're mad.

Posted by illovich at 12:14 PM
Jesus--wrong for America

This is the most right on spoof of W that I've seen. Not only is it funny, but it also illustrates the contempt George W. Bush actually holds for the most fundamental (as opposed to fundamentalist) Christian values.

I can't believe I'm on vacation and I'm actually pausing to give a shit about the election, but I can't hep check the news and stuff.

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October 03, 2004
if it's not scottish...

...it's crap--or it's electronic, apparently.

A word of caution to the American technophile traveling to Glasga (maybe to anywhere): bring not only a voltage/recepticle converter, but also an extension cord. I'll post a photo later, but the bizarre spatiality created by the combination of my radio shack AC Converter and the position of the outlets in our hotel room makes it impossible to plug any non-standard 2 prong plug in to the outlet. In other words, any creatively designed plug (cough*apple*cough*2inch*cough*plug) will be hardpressed to recharge your precious device.

Additional travel tips:

  • Just because every other internet cafe in every other city you've been to had a compact flash reader so you could empty your CF card, don't assume that it will always be true. For example, easy internet cafe doesn't even allow saving files to a disk, so forget a disk reader.

  • Don't eat in the hotel. Especially Campanile Hotel Glasgow. If the food is Scottish, it's in a very un-scottish way--that is, it's crap. 28 for cold hush puppies and pickled vegetable salad, my arse.

  • It actually is more civilized to have beer with every meal. Also, it makes sleeping easier.

  • When taking one of those "go all around the city" buses, don't get on the less crowded company's bus. It may be less crowded for a reason. For example, they may actually be loathe to stop at their own stops.
  • Posted by illovich at 11:26 AM