February 24, 2004
pop a cap in the industry's ass

Now that Eminem's publisher is suing Apple over an ad that depicts a 10-year old singing "Lose Yourself" while listening to an iPod, I think that this case has a opened a potential chink in the armor of the music industry, and I think Apple should fight to crack it open a bit wider.

I actually think they could win the lawsuit, if they argue that the song is disseminated widely enough that a 10 year old singing it would be a plausible representation of reality, a reasonable derivative work, and thus not an infringement. or however the lawyers put it.

The point I'm trying to make, unschooled by law, is that "lose Yourself" is everywhere... I have heard that song so many times, on the radio, in stores, at amusement parks, walking down the street, that I don't think Eminem has a plausible claim to total control over it.

Sure, he can prevent/be paid for the recording from being used in an ad, or in a movie, or stuff like that, but a video of a kid singing it is a derivative work, not a copy, not a "cover." It was essentially a joke, and it should not be prohibited.

Seriously, this is a battle that needs to be fought, and Apple can fight it. The overzealous attitude of complete control that pervades the music industry has to be beaten back a few pegs. They've only gotten this way, because no one has tried to stand up to them seriously.

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February 16, 2004
NYT would like to change the subject

The paper of record seems to be playing with non sequiturs today

Iraq's U.S. administrator suggested Monday he would block any move by Iraqi leaders to make Islamic law the backbone of an interim constitution, which women's groups fear could threaten their rights. Roadside bombs killed two more American soldiers.
Hey guys, can't you even be bothered to throw in a meanwhile?

By the way, in case you were wondering, the "U.S. May Block Islamic Law" story has a little more long term impact on the region that the "gunmen killed an American Baptist minister" story (except perhaps for the minister), so why not stick to it?

No really, I'm confused... is the violence to keep my interest, so I don't fall asleep reading the boring political news?

But just in case you were wondering where things really stand in Iraq, but couldn't be bothered to read into the second hundred words, check out this juicy tidbit:

Bremer was asked what would happen if Iraqi leaders wrote into the interim charter that Islamic sharia law is the principal basis of legislation. ``Our position is clear,'' Bremer replied. ``It can't be law until I sign it.''
Viva Democracy, fellas!

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February 09, 2004

Bobby Neel Adams has a very interesting view regarding the correct way to photograph couples.

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February 06, 2004
catfish hotel



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February 04, 2004
woot, go MA Supreme Court

Finally someone (who writes court opinions) states the obvious:

"The dissimilitude between the terms `civil marriage' and `civil union' is not innocuous; it is a considered choice of language that reflects a demonstrable assigning of same-sex, largely homosexual, couples to second-class status."

The opinion added: "For no rational reason the marriage laws of the Commonwealth discriminate against a defined class; no amount of tinkering with language will eradicate that stain."

There will be no backsliding with regards to the Enlightenment. Barring religious (either proscribed officially or simply superstitious) reasons, there is no argument to support the prohibition against gay marriage. Period, point blank.

Thank goodness that a court finally had the nerve to call it the way it is.

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February 03, 2004
Hwt! (Listen!)

If you're stupid cool like some people I know, you can go to Beowulf on Steorarume and have a nice read through of the Beowulf Semi-Diplomatic Edition (strictly habibi--little of this so-called moderne englisc allowed, except some notes).

If you're a grade-a lame-o (negative) like myself who can barely comprehend something simple like Middle English, you'll have to read the Bilingual Edition.

Extra treat: check out the mp3s of Ben Slade reading Beowulf Old English. It's really cool. You can almost understand it when it's read, sort of. If you also speak german & finnish, maybe.

So. What are you're thoughts on Niw Englisc as a possible common tongue for the New World Order?

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