July 31, 2002
Funny logs (not lincoln)

So I was looking at the logs for illovich.com, one of my favorite websites.

I found the graphs of search requests leading to illovich.com pehaps the funniest:

The top is phrases, bottom is words.

What I find funniest is that people are actually searching for the phrases "wan too" and "teh suck."

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July 30, 2002
I wish I was 7. In Boston. Associated with MIT. the media lab part.

Sometimes I really get frustrated that something so cool is happening somewhere in the world, someone that is there is telling me all about it, and yet there seems no way to get involved.

But maybe this stuff will be on sale at Zany Brainy by the time I have a kid.

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Worst. Marketing. Ploy...EVER.

So apparently the preorder our unfinished game or you might not get it right away scam has reached a new low, with Shadowbane--the MMORPG that seems more and more likely to fail--now saying that if you don't preorder the game, not all races (or species, as scientists like to call them) will be available in game to you as a player.

I hate to curse in public but--fuck you, Ubisoft.

That is the biggest loser scheme I have ever heard, and I think the translation should be understood as "Um, we're kind of low on cash, and our backers have said they won't give us any more money unles preorders go up...so cough up NOW, fanboy."


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July 29, 2002
Taxi 10101010101 What?

Now, when I hear the phrase Non-escalating Verbal Self-Defense, my interest is clearly piqued...

but damn.

I can't decide if the author is genius, insane--or both.

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leggos stuck in the toilet bowl


I totally forgot about Disturbing Search Requests until about 4 minutes ago.

Then I remembered it.

As the kids in the internet chat rooms say, ROTFLMAO

Heh-ha! leggos stuck in the toilet bowl.

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Once again, I am playing everquest. Ahhhh....all the other games sucked anyway. The new Jagged Pine zone is pretty cool, and I hit 52 there quadding Poachers.

Some nice rare drops off them, including a +4 wis neck, which I replaced with a Chyrsolbyl (or whatever) Talisman that I paid too much for in the bazaar.

Some ueber neck apparently drops off the Timber Griffs, but I hate fighting griffons. At least they drop wings, which I think I needed for something else before.


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July 26, 2002
Him. funny. now. ha. ha.

It had to happen: Apple's out of date (or is it much too late?) Switch ads have inspired a lot of obvious parodies. But the case made by a gamer who switched from PC to Mac is the most hilarious best.

Go watch it, and then get back to GYWO

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July 24, 2002
Ann Coulter is CRAZY SEXY COOL

Well, she's crazy about liberals, equating them with terrorists. This is the woman who believes John Walker Lindh should be executed to send a message to American Liberals about patriotism. I guess the message is be one, or be dead.

This is the woman who invariably compares people she doesn't like to Nazis.

But I hope she forgives me for thinking that she looks bitchen in a black vinyl dress.

Posted by illovich at 03:03 PM

So the long awaited (and I mean long) Scheduled Patch for July 24th , is happening today. Of course, July 24th was not the date being awaited, but rather the patch.

Today the fabled new interface of Everquest gets released. Fabled is actually a fairly fair word, given that it was supposed to ship with Shadows of Luclin, which I got 3 weeks before last Christmas.

According to eqnews.txt--which downloaded with the patch--not only is the new interface in, but also the bazaar (woot! Now maybe I'll make some money!) and the Jagged Pine forest zone, which I always wondered about as a younger druid. It's on the map, right next to Surefall, but I could never find any jagged pine druids. (if you follow the link, you kinda have to squint...Surefall is North of Qeynos on the West Coast)

I think the Unkempt Druids live there, and they do hate me. This, I'm fairly sure of.

To sum up:

New interface: live
Bazaar: live
Jagged Pine zone: live

aaaaand as an added bonus:
Removed the reduction in damage to Damage over Time spells when
used on NPCs that are moving.

Woot! Great day to be a druid (or shammie, I guess)

Not to mention they rewrote the grouping system, so that (they claim) groups won't get bugged anymore, and a leaving leader can transfer leadership of the group via a command /makeleader

Woot. I say. Woot.

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July 19, 2002
Operation Enduring Freedom in the house

According to mart, everyone has already seen get your war on but I hadn't.

It really reminds me of someone, but since thet're too busy with the numbers, no one will ever know.

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Our finest moments--on plastic

So the AMG All Music Guide gave downmf's latest album 4 and one half stars, on a scale of one to five stars.


My favorite part reads (in part):

...Peter Hanley and Janna Sendra make for a potent rhythm section.

You're god-damned right we do.

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July 18, 2002
Must. fight. warm.and....fuzzzy. feeling.

If you haven't been to Rate my Kitten, allI can say is at last a proper use for the underlying technology of "Am I hot or not?" has been found....

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July 13, 2002
Reign of Superamerikanism

So we went to see Reign of Fire tonight. Fun. The dragons were stupid cool, Christian Bale was stupid fresh, and Matthew McConaughey was just stupid.

Nothing against him, I mean I guess he was just doing what he was told, but his character was just the standard cartoon of a good 'ol boy American supersolider.

As Kat said, "why do they always look like skin heads anymore?"

I don't really know the answer to that question... it's just that I think the dragon slayer movie as analogue to American WWII heroism felt a bit tired... that's why I was particularly happy with the ending.

The polish/swedish chopperbabe was an odd, but nice touch. I just wish it hadn't gone all anti-feminist at the end...

3 stars, I guess. If you like stuff like dragons and post apocalyptic settings that aren't long on sensible world mechanics, you'll probably enjoy it.

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July 12, 2002
Internet Development on OS X

So today I found out about the Internet Developer section on Apple's developer site. Looks nice...that will probably help with the new XServe that we got in on Tuesday.

What's on it so far? NOTHING! Woot! Empty web and streaming server with nothing on it...384 GB to fill with something meaningful, like quicktime movies of the State.

Seriously though, it's a pretty sweet deal, unless you have an irrational hatred of macs. For about 8k you get a 1U rack unit with 2gigs of memory, 4 120 gig drives (you can set up a 380 gig raid5 with the three extra drives in about 40 seconds) a BSD based OS with Apache, Perl, PHP, MySQL, etc. preinstalled...other extras like nice included remote admin software make it even nicer.

Alright, enough drooling. I got band practice in a few minutes.

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July 09, 2002
My giant footprint

I'm not sure what a hectare is, but if I'm at all average my footprint is about 10 of 'em. That's if I'm average.

Generally I'm not, but with the house and the two cars and the cats and the miles of paper and plastic products I consume daily, I'm probably making use of all 10 of my allotted-by-the-US-economy hectares.

Apologies to the average Asian and Afican, not counting the United Arab Emirates, of course.

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July 08, 2002
Ah, that's a bit better...

I just realized that this page wasn't showing the last se7en days of entries, but rather the last se7en days, entries or not. So I changed it to just show the last se7en entries instead.

So at least it will seem like there's more here.

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Bleary eyed, tears running down my face, I return...

No, not really. But I did take a vacation with Kathy which was not really so much going anywhere, but we did go to the movies a lot...Lilo & Stitch, MiB II and Minority Report. All good--I probably liked Lilo & Stitch or MiB the best, not sure though.

Minority Report was good, except why would he have gone to that room unless he had seen the tape, but the tape wouldn't have existed if he hadn't gone to the room....standard paradox stuff I know, but ususally a paradox happens after you do something messed up during time travel, not with precognition.

Other than that--never mind, it was decent.

I played the Sims a bit too. I think I want to play Simsville the Sims Online when it comes out, but more on that later because I have a few concerns about it--real ones, not concerns about whether I will find it satisfying or not.

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July 02, 2002
Would you care for an abracock?

That's not nearly as dirty as it sounds. According to the OED, abracock is an obsolete spelling of apricot. I saw it when I looked up 'abracadabra', which in case you care is:

"A cabalistic word, formerly used as a charm, and believed to have the power, when written in a triangular arrangement, and worn round the neck, to cure agues, etc. Now often used in the general sense of a spell, or pretended conjuring word; a meaningless word of mysterious sound; jargon, gibberish. "

Aren't you glad you stopped by?

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