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We've Moved!!

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It's time to update your links and bookmarks!

At long last, we've finally got Yoshi & Tsuki's website redesigned and working properly!

If you're still using the old URL (, please update your bookmarks and links. This site will still continue to work, at least until it's redirected, but it won't be updated with any new entries.

Any of the following URLs will take you to the new site:

We'll eventually figure out how to redirect the old site, but, for the moment, you'll need to use one of the above URLs.

Hope to see you all at the new site!

In My Zen Place

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[Edit at 9:20am on 3/5/08: Well guys, the results are in, and we got beaten by a CAT!!! I'm thinking maybe there were butterfly ballots involved! Nevertheless, everything I wrote below is still totally true. You guys are the best friends an aspiring dictator could ever have. I guess I can open my eyes now.]

Well, friends, voting has ended for the photo contest, and winners will be posted soon. As you can see, I'm meditating while I await the results.

Life on the campaign trail was hard, but, I just wanted you to know that no matter what happens, you are the best friends a dog could ever ask for.

Firstly, I'd like thank my campaign manager, Aunt Laura. Aunt Laura really took up my cause, and worked super hard to deliver my message to the world. She was the most enthusiastic campaign manager that a future world leader could hope for.

I'd also like to thank my great friends, Bonnie & Sushi, and all of their wonderful pals from the Toronto Shiba Inu Meetup Group. Bonnie & Sushi are also trying to find a home for Chigo (remember him?), which means that they are true blue friends (i.e., they aren't just nice to you when they think you might become the next leader of the free world).

Aunt Stephanie, and mom's pals Deb and Knitty D, also provided me with much appreciated support during this very trying campaign. You should definitely check out Deb's web site, because she does amazingly realistic drawings of dogs! And, you should check out Knitty D's blog because she's just totally cool and she loves beagles.

And, of course, thank you to everyone who cast votes and showed support for me. You will not be forgotten when I gain control of the world treat supply.

I should probably also thank mom and popi, but I don't want them getting any funny ideas about who has the upper paw in this relationship. I think I'll just save my thanks for a time when I've really done something to tick them off (shouldn't be long!). In life, as in campaigns, it's all about strategy.

Come what may, you will all be the first to know when I've received the results.

With much love and appreciation,


Uncle Yoshi Wants YOU!

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Uncle Yoshi wants YOU to click here and vote!

Okay, blog friends, voting for this period ends on Tuesday, March 4th. That means there are only 3 more days is only 1 MORE DAY to vote for the Yosh-man.

If his photo wins in this round, he'll advance to the finals and have a chance to appear on the box for Bissell's Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum Cleaner. How cool would that be? He'd be totally representin'.

So, if you've got a second (it really only takes a second, honest), and you'd like to support Yoshi in his quest for World Domination, click the red link here, or the one under his picture, and you'll be able to cast your vote for Uncle Yoshi.

Thanks a lot!

Honorable Chairman Yoshi
A vote for Yoshi is a vote for delicious treats! Click here to vote!

Okay, dog comrades, I need your help.

If you've been a long-time reader, you know that I've been quietly flying under the human radar and implementing my plans for world domination. Well, the next phase of my plan has begun. I've decided that we need to tackle both print and on-line medias and, with your help, my subliminal messages give your dog lots of delicious treats could reach millions of homes.

The best part of my plan, is that the message will come from a very unlikely place; a VACUUM CLEANER BOX! This could be bigger than the Trojan Horse, dog comrades! Subliminal messages from a dog, hiding on a vacuum cleaner box!? The humans won't suspect a thing. Genius, I know!

But, the plan will fail without your help, comrades. I need you to click the red link below, to cast your vote for delicious treats and world domination me! And, if you really want to cast a decisive blow to humanity's control over the world treat supply, ask your friends to vote, too!

Onward to victory, comrades! Click here to vote!

With humble thanks,

Chairman Yoshi

Did someone say breakdance?

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Apparently, it's Willie and Desi that have been teaching the dogs how to bust a move.

[Edit: I've noticed that sometimes, when you hit play, you can hear the music, but not see the movie. If you refresh your browser, that may fix it. If not, clearing your cache and refreshing should do it.]

にほんブログ村 犬ブログ 柴犬へ
Click to vote for the b-boys and b-girl!

ランキングに参加中です。 どうもありがとうございます!

Yoshi: Big in Kyrgyzstan?

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A couple of weeks ago, I discovered the absolute weirdest thing. I was searching around on eBay, and found that Yoshi is pictured on a set of (likely fake) postage stamps that were supposedly issued in Kyrgyzstan in 2004.

The reasons I think they are probably fake are:
A.) They don't appear in the list of officially-issued stamps on Kyrgyzstan's postal service web site.
B.) The style of the stamps is completely different than any of the official stamps shown on the web site.
C.) Apparently, fake stamps are a problem there.

Here are the stamps:

And here is the original picture:

Of all the pictures we have of Yoshi, I have no idea why they'd choose that one! It's certainly not one of his most noble moments. I mean, it's a funny picture, but it isn't the type of thing that usually gets printed on a stamp. If you're going to make a fake stamp, why make it so obvious?

I wonder who else's dogs are pictured on these stamps. Anyone? Anyone? If you see yours pictured, you can still buy three sets of these stamps on eBay (just do a search for "Japanese dog stamp").

In case you're wondering, I'm not upset, I mostly just think it's really strange and funny. If I thought they were officially-issued, I might be kind of annoyed, but since I'm pretty sure they're fake, I just think it's really weird.

I Always Win

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Mom and popi went to Japan, and all I got was this stupid headband.

According to the sign in the store, the characters mean "winning," or "I always win," which, even I have to admit, is pretty fitting. I think it might be on upside down though. I hope our Japanese friends will tell us if it says something different, like "do not feed the shibas."

Maybe this way is a little more dignified...

Anyway, mom and popi have about a billion pictures (9 gigabytes worth!) from Japan, and lots of them have shibas in them! Expect to see some of those coming soon, just as soon as mom recovers a little more from the surgery she had last week. I told her to watch out for the veterinarian, but I guess she got tricked! It happens to the best of us.

And, just because we always get worried comments when Tsuki isn't pictured in one of our entries, she's fine, but wasn't as cooperative about posing with the headband as I was.

Takeru Kobayashi

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Eating, as usual.

Today is a sad day for Yoshi. His hero, Takeru Kobayashi, lost the Nathan's hot dog eating contest after being undefeated for six years in a row. Yoshi chose Kobayashi as his hero because he's handsome, athletic, Japanese, and is a COMPETITIVE EATER, just like Yoshi! Today, he ate 63 hot dogs in 12 minutes! As far as Yoshi's concerned, what's not to admire?

Video of Kobayashi's sad loss to Joey Chestnut.

You're still Yoshi's hero, Kobayashi.

Yoshi's birthday message to the world.

I'm not going to say who is having a (4th) birthday this Friday, but I'll give you a hint:

Yoshi: Frisbee Addict

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Waiting expectantly for Popi to throw the Frisbee. Note the lolling tongue that is a classic symptom of Frisbee Addiction.

Dogs suffering from Frisbee Addiction frequently behave with suspicion toward anyone approaching their Frisbee, and often experience paranoid delusions that everyone is trying to take it from them.

Peaceable Kingdom?

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The word unprecedented comes to mind.

What a handsome baby boy

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I was going through my computer and I found a bunch of photos I took of Yoshi when he was only about 3 months old.  It's funny how he doesn't look like this any more, but you can still see the hints of the Yoshi that we know and love.

Flickr Photo

Flickr Photo

Flickr Photo

Flickr Photo

That's Quite A Cat!

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Calling Yoshi cat-like may be an understatement...

Unfortunately, this cat perch is only designed to hold 35# of cat. Yoshi tips the scales at 38.6#, or, as we say around here, tubby-eight-point-six.

At least he's comfortable, and that's all that really matters (to him).

The New Problem

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Yoshi recently discovered that he has the ability to jump onto tables. This is a very bad thing indeed. Luckily, we also learned that he has the ability to rip curtains. No one can say that he isn't a talented boy.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Yoshi!

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Today is Yoshi's 2nd Birthday. Happy birthday, Yoshi!

Santa brought me and Tsuki new beds (a little late, I might add), and one of us (I'm not saying who) got so excited that we peed right on one of them the minute Popi took it out of the box. Mom said that Planet Dog was having a good "after-Christmas sale" on them, whatever that means. Why would Santa care about a sale, since he makes everything in his workshop?

Anyway, Mom makes no sense, as usual, but take a look at me making good use of my so-exciting-it-will-make-you-pee new bed (don't worry, Mom washed it).

I Just Can't Stop...

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...being handsome, that is.

Hello, Handsome!

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Admit it, I'm pretty easy on the eyes.

After a long exile (for reasons that I won't mention, except to say that I am completely innocent), I have had my living room privileges restored. Oh, how I've missed my chair.

Good night...

Leaping Into Action

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One week from today, my baby sister, Tsuki, is coming home to live with us. Mom and Popi decided to give me one last solo photo shoot before I have to start sharing everything. Anyway, I think that I look very athletic in this photo - way better than some silly, bumbling girl puppy, that's for sure.

P.S.: I don't actually plan to share anything, because, well, shibas don't share, and that's just all there is to it.

Summertime Yoshi

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Yoshi's modeling career seems to be taking off.

Now to start charging.

Mom thought she was being really funny when she ordered this for Popi.

Personally, I think my idea was a lot funnier.


This is me on the first day I met Mom and Popi!

This is me yesterday, with my very favorite person in the whole wide world, Popi!


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Just me and my shadow.

Just so we're all starting out on the right paw, this is my snow. Any questions?

Here I am making my mean face! Scary, huh?

Floppy ears are for sissies!

Mommy thinks she's so funny. She calls this one "...and the cow jumped over the goon." We are not amused.

Puppy Ponderings

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As I approach my first birthday (just 14 days away), I find myself increasingly tormented by the weighty matters of adulthood.

It has been foretold, the gradual shift to adult food will begin this weekend. Oh, how I have dreaded this day! Maturity, you are a harsh mistress!

Almost Friends. Almost.

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"Uh oh, Willie, she caught us being friendly to each other, try to look nonchalant."

It would appear that a temporary peace treaty has been signed.

Leader of the Free World

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Happy Howlidays!

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Naughty or Nice? It all depends on your perspective.


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Mom and Popi got me this great new toy called an IQube. It's a plush cube with four plush squeaky balls inside for me to pull out.

See, here I am pulling out the blue one.

I like to chew on it like a maniac, and then giggle like a little girl.

It's also good for hiding behind (bet you can't find me). But, boy oh boy, all that thinking certainly tires me out.

If you want to get this great toy for your pup, just click here.

The Prince On His Throne

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The face says it all.

A Dog of Great Influence

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Here, Yoshi and I take time out of our busy social schedules to teach Ben Franklin about operant conditioning. As long as Yoshi receives a steady supply of rewards, in this case cheese, good behavior is assured. Okay, not really assured, but at least more likely to occur.

While we were there, Ben asked if Yoshi could give him editorial advice on some sort of declaration or proclamation of great import. How could Yoshi refuse (especially when there was a piece of cheese stuck to the corner)?

Then, Yoshi and Ben spent some time just pondering the fate of the colonies.

And, after a brief chat about Yoshi's theories on electricity (some nonsense about a kite and a key), we headed for home.

True Colors

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Yoshi: Evil genius

Yoshi appears to be living up to his fancy AKC registered name, which is "Shoneno Fugitive From Justice." Shoneno are the laws relating to juveniles in Japan, which makes Yoshi a juvenile delinquent. But who didn't know that?

It's a Dog's Life

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Yoshi lounging on his favorite chair, which is affectionately known as "the scratching post," due to the painstaking craftsmanship employed by our live-in feline interior decorating team, Willie and Desi, LLC.

Public Service Announcement: Willie and Desi are always interested in freelance work, and are eager to unleash their creative talents on your home. For the low, low cost of room and board, Willie and Desi could do for your house, what they've done for ours. Operators are standing by.

Yoshi proves, time and time again, that the best toys are frequently free, but always disgusting.

Author's Note: Though he tried, Yoshi could not manage to get himself dirtier than he was in these photos.

Look over there!

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This is Yoshi and his friend, Abby (basenji mix), with the most coveted of all toys, the empty water bottle.

Open Wide

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(click picture for a larger image)
Look everybody, I've lost all my puppy teeth!
P.S.: Yoshi lost something else, too. He was neutered on 8/5/03. Poor Yoshi.

I'm not only the owner, I'm also a client.


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(click pictures for larger images)

Tug O' War with Eleanor!

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(click pictures for larger images)


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(click pictures for larger images)

Telling Secrets

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Looking Foxy

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A rare sighting of Yoshi's tail un-curled. He's playing with his new pal, Daisy!

Yoshi's Water Fountain

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(click pictures for larger images)

Konnichi wa, my name is Yoshi, and this is my water fountain!

Lazy puppy!

Gunther (Akita), Yoshi (Shiba Inu), and Henry (Pit Bull/Mastiff Mix)

Excuse me, Gunther, but I need to wash my paws (note Yoshi behind Gunther).

(click pictures for larger images)

Attack of the killer corgis!

Take that, Syd! I learned this trick from the cats!

Who's gonna' get it?

We're gonna' get it! No, we're gonna' get it!

Tug O' War! Everybody wins!

(click pictures for larger images)

Dogs are funny. One of them can be really annoying (I'll give you a hint which one, it's the one whose names starts with a "Y" and ends with an "oshi")...

And get totally schooled by another dog...

But in the end, everyone shares a drink at the water bowl, and parts the best of friends.

Yoshi is happiest when he is with other dogs, and there's no better place for that than the dog park! Here is the joyous little chap at the dog park looking quite undignified with his tongue hanging out!

But, despite of how much fun it is to be surrounded by other dogs, even a little samurai needs to sleep sometimes.

(click image for a close-up of Yoshi's akita-sized ego taking a hit)

...and from a dog with ears that look like that!

Puppy Love

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(click pictures for larger images)

It started out innocently enough - sharing a few drinks at the water bowl...

Then a few stolen kisses...

Then things really started to heat up...

and got a little kinky, even.

...and then Yoshi learned the truth about male/female relationships.

big day out

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So we took Yoshi to the beach, thinking that if nothing else, maybe the ocean might scare him a little (nothing else does).

Nope. He certainly doesn't want to go in, but it doesn't bother him much... not when there are clams to dig, dunes to run on, puppy lives to ponder, and of course:

new friends to make.

We all had a great time, except for all the biting. Yoshi, of course, isn't bothered by the biting.

When we originally began looking for a shiba, we had decided that we wanted one with a red coat. Yoshi is technically a red-sesame shiba, which means that much of his fur has black tips. However, as you can see from the picture above, as he ages, his coat is becoming less black and more of a vibrant red. The breeder said that this might happen, but there were no guarantees. Looks like we may have gotten a red shiba afterall.

The un-trainability of shibas is legendary, and to that we say - "There is no amount of willfulness that a piece of hotdog can't overcome!" As evidence, here is a picture of our mannerly little chap doing his finest "sit."

The Hard Wiring

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Given Yoshis ancestry, it should come as no surprise that romping through the high foliage is one of his favorite activities. Unfortunately, he does not have a complementary genetic predisposition for untangling his leash from said foliage.

Star of the Party

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Yoshi and Tristan had a lot of fun playing together... we were particularly impressed with how well Tristan treated Yoshi; he even brought him his water bowl.

Yoshi had a really great time and loved meeting everybody...thanks for inviting us, Jen!

That'll teach him to be all nippy when we play the tug of war game :)

He was a pretty good sport about it. I only had to give him like 4 or 5 treats. And he kept them on for at least 5 or 6 seconds every time!

Revenge, heh heh.

Not everyone is completely thrilled with the newest addition to the family.

back to his roots

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From the AKC Website: Shiba Inu

"The Shiba is the smallest of the Japanese native breeds of dog and was originally developed for hunting by sight and scent in the dense undergrowth of Japan's mountainous areas..."

Well, this is explaining a lot.

foe to all daffodils

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Yoshi has discovered our daffodil patch.

yoshi vs the bathtub

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Yoshi had his first bath today =)

He didn't really like it =(

playing with dani

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Dani is my mom's wheaten terrier. Yoshi loves running around with Dani... it's too bad for Dani that no one will tell Yoshi that she has 20 pounds on him.

yoshi and grandpa

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my name is-myname is-

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My name is Yoshi. I'm from Japan. I like to play.


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I'm ready for my closeup Mr. Demille.

Yoshiro sleeping

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Yoshiro Rests

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We put a playpen in our office so he can be with us uncrated but a bit restrained. Note that we are raising him in a text-rich environment. Note that he thinks we're stupid because we only have 26 letters in our alphabet.

Holding Yoshi

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Kat holding Yoshi, back before he came to live with us. We were visiting him at River Wind Shibas in Maryland.

(click for a bigger image)

This is Buster Yoshi and his sister Pekoe when Yoshi was still Buster (at the breeder's).

Yoshi's Parents

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Yoshi's Mom: Blossom (a.k.a., River Wind's Kiyo Mitsuhana Go)

Yoshi's Dad: Griff, Jr. (a.k.a., CH, San Jo All Star)


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