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We're a little late with posting our Christmas pictures (mom's fault), but here they are. Finally.

When we woke up on Christmas morning, this is what was waiting for us! Santa Paws really did come! Two of the presents weren't wrapped, because they were from our Aunt Laura (the cool possum toy) and Aunt Stephanie (the GIANT tongue).

Mom says that most people have either a star or an angel on top of their tree. She said that we are extra lucky, because we have a star and two angels on top of our tree. We told her that she is a dork.

This is me reading the tags and realizing that ALL the presents are for me and Tsuki!

Tsuki said that she could still smell elves on the packages. I told her to be quiet, because she doesn't even know what elves smell like in the first place.

Santa brought us new bees for our Hide-A-Bee toy! How did he know that we needed those?

The possum from Aunt Laura is one of our favorites! We shook it to death, like, instantly.

Tsuki says: "Ha ha, Yoshi! Aunt Stephanie thinks you have a big mouth!"

Yoshi says: "No she doesn't, Tsuki! She just knows that I need a way to hide from the paparazzi and a certain dorky little sister."

This is how Christmas makes us feel!

And, according to Fu Fu's blog, this is how you say Merry Christmas in Japanese:

Merii Kurisumasu


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