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If you like shiba blogs, boy, have I got something to share with you.

I was looking at one of my absolute favorite shiba blogs, which belongs to Hikari & Strawberry, and noticed a little button that they had on their site. The button allowed you to vote for their blog, and, since I LOVE their blog, I clicked it. To my surprise, it took me to the most enormous collection of shiba blogs known to mankind (or dogkind)! One-hundred and eighty-three (183) shiba blogs, to be exact!

And, after much struggling with the Japanese registration system, Yoshi & Tsuki's blog is now listed on the site. Currently, they are at #144 in the ranking, but that seems to change pretty frequently.

Even though the site and blogs are in Japanese, I've found that you can get by pretty well using Google Language Tools.

So, if you enjoy following Yoshi & Tsuki's adventures, please take a second to click the button below and vote for their blog.

にほんブログ村 犬ブログ 柴犬へ
Thanks for voting!


Photo Credit: Stuart Bayer/The Journal News

A happy ending to the tale of Sato, a 2-year-old shiba who left his owner with nothing more than an empty collar and some memories more than a week ago. But yesterday afternoon, they were reunited in the same spot where life went wrong.

Click here to read the whole story.

Here's the PDF, in case they delete the article at some point.

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