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Pawprints in Japan

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I'm not sure if there are any shibas in this book, as it was written by an Akita fancier, but I thought it might of interest to owners of Japanese breeds in general:

It can be purchased at this link.

To read more information about the book, go here.

According the site linked above, all proceeds generated from the purchase of the book are being donated to the AKC Canine Health Foundation.

Remember a while back when I posted about Shiba Wanko?

Well...I have no idea what I'm going to do with these things, but I *had* to have them:


The one of her in her little dusting hat is my favorite.


Here's the link where you can buy them, in case you find them as irresistable as I did. Also, if you can think of something good to do with them, let me know, because I'm at a loss.

I just got back from doing a research project on urban strays. Mostly, we saw a lot of feral cats, which I guess is typical of most large cities. We kept hearing rumors that there were packs of stray dogs, but were told that they didn't come out until after midnight, so we weren't really expecting to see any. We were following a lead on an active feral cat colony, when we made a wrong turn and had to drive down a side street to turn around. When we did, we found these guys...

There were 6 of them in total, even though they're not all in the picture.

For obvious reasons, this guy really broke my heart.

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