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Yarn Made from Shiba Fur!

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You know how we shiba owners always say that we could make a whole 'nother shiba out of all the fur that comes off our dogs when they blow their coats? Well, Koshi and Harlow's extremely creative and talented mom has done just that -- she has had shiba fur spun into yarn, and created the adorable crocheted shiba that you see above! I'm stunned at how cool this is!

Koshi and Harlow's mom is using all of the shiba fur yarn and the resultant projects to raise money for Shiba Rescue, which is also stunningly cool!

You can see some of Koshi and Harlow's mom's other beautiful projects by following this link to Griffin Designs' web site.

VIP Fibers created the shiba fur yarn, and you can have yarn created from your pet's fur, too! I almost can't wait for them to blow their coats again, and who in their right mind would ever wish for that?!

Fu Fu the Hamsterrier

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Okay, okay, maybe Fu Fu isn't really a dog, but his blog is so incredibly cute that I don't think you'll mind. Plus, he's an honorary member over at Dogs with Blogs, so he's sort of an honorary dog.

Aside from being an honorary dog, Fu Fu is a male Syrian hamster living in Singapore, and his blog is probably the cutest thing I've seen in a while.

Yoshi and Tsuki don't recognize his honorary dog status, and would make an appetizer of him, which is why I thought it would be better if I made this particular post.

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