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That's Quite A Cat!

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Calling Yoshi cat-like may be an understatement...

Unfortunately, this cat perch is only designed to hold 35# of cat. Yoshi tips the scales at 38.6#, or, as we say around here, tubby-eight-point-six.

At least he's comfortable, and that's all that really matters (to him).

The New Problem

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Yoshi recently discovered that he has the ability to jump onto tables. This is a very bad thing indeed. Luckily, we also learned that he has the ability to rip curtains. No one can say that he isn't a talented boy.

The Little Missus

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While Yoshi is busy hopping onto tables and trying to break the cats' perch, the little Missus tends to stick to activities that have the Mom & Popi seal of approval, for example:

1.) Sitting on the couch looking adorable.

2.) Making funny faces. Every time the camera comes out, she starts with the faces.

3.) Laying like a frog. A perennial Mom & Popi favorite.

4.) Laying like a frog (see #3 above) can only be topped by sleeping like a frog. Very cute, and as far as we can tell, it's an activity that has never caused a rip in the curtains.

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