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When we originally began looking for a shiba, we had decided that we wanted one with a red coat. Yoshi is technically a red-sesame shiba, which means that much of his fur has black tips. However, as you can see from the picture above, as he ages, his coat is becoming less black and more of a vibrant red. The breeder said that this might happen, but there were no guarantees. Looks like we may have gotten a red shiba afterall.

The un-trainability of shibas is legendary, and to that we say - "There is no amount of willfulness that a piece of hotdog can't overcome!" As evidence, here is a picture of our mannerly little chap doing his finest "sit."

The Hard Wiring

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Given Yoshis ancestry, it should come as no surprise that romping through the high foliage is one of his favorite activities. Unfortunately, he does not have a complementary genetic predisposition for untangling his leash from said foliage.

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