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Honorable Chairman Yoshi
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Okay, dog comrades, I need your help.

If you've been a long-time reader, you know that I've been quietly flying under the human radar and implementing my plans for world domination. Well, the next phase of my plan has begun. I've decided that we need to tackle both print and on-line medias and, with your help, my subliminal messages give your dog lots of delicious treats could reach millions of homes.

The best part of my plan, is that the message will come from a very unlikely place; a VACUUM CLEANER BOX! This could be bigger than the Trojan Horse, dog comrades! Subliminal messages from a dog, hiding on a vacuum cleaner box!? The humans won't suspect a thing. Genius, I know!

But, the plan will fail without your help, comrades. I need you to click the red link below, to cast your vote for delicious treats and world domination me! And, if you really want to cast a decisive blow to humanity's control over the world treat supply, ask your friends to vote, too!

Onward to victory, comrades! Click here to vote!

With humble thanks,

Chairman Yoshi

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