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More Friends!

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Hey everydog, meet Phin and Trink! We've been friends with them for a while now, and their mom, too. Our moms e-mail with each other sometimes, which makes us a little nervous, but, so far, it doesn't seem like they're on to our plans for world domination.

Phineas is on the left, and Trink is on the right. They look a lot like us, don't they!?

Trink is almost five, and Phin is four and a half years old. She's a Leo, and he's a Sagittarius. According to their mom, their personalities really do match their signs! Their mom also said that she interrupted them kissing in this picture! Just thinking about it makes us blush under our fur.

A portrait of Yoshi, uh, we mean Phin. They really do look alike! It's even hard for us to tell.

Here's Trink looking sweet and beautiful, as always!

:::Tsuki says: "Yoshi & Trink, sitting in a tree!":::

We're not sure what this is, but we suspect the humans must have erected a hidden force field between Phin & Trink and their food bowls. Otherwise, there's no explanation for why no one is eating. Is this some type of torture device? Say it isn't so!

And now our favorite...SNOW PICTURES!


Oh, there you are! Don't scare me like that!

Trink says: "If I close my eyes and wish hard enough, maybe the snow won't melt this time!"

We have such noble-looking friends!

New Friends!

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The best part about having our own website, is that we get to meet lots of shiba friends! Here are our newest friends, Yoshi (another one!) and Chella!

Chella likes to destroy any toy she can find, just like us! Yoshi loves to flip his toys up and catch them in the air. We only know how to catch, not the flip part, so we'll have to get Yoshi to show us!

Chella is on the left, and Yoshi is on the right.

Here they are playing in the snow, just like us!

Here they are peeking out the window, just like us!

And, here are three of Yoshi chillaxing and looking handsome, just like us!

We sure do have a lot in common with our new friends!

Here are our yummy birthday cakes and giant bones that had our names right on them!

HA! HA! Tsuki had to wear a silly birthday outfit!

There she goes...look at that back foot!

The best part about it being Tsuki's birthday, is that I get to have cake, but I don't have to wear a silly outfit.

Here's Tsuki opening *my* present! The ones in blue paper were supposed to be for me!

It didn't matter though, because we each got a new Teddy Possum. We killed the one we got for Christmas, so we really needed a new one.

Here I am opening the girlie presents wrapped in pink paper. How embarrassing!

In addition to our new Teddy Possums, we each got a baby bunny, which are super fun for squeaking and killing.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Tsuki!

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