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Hey, check it out, we have our own domain!

Now you can get to us by just typing!

Even though it looks the same right now, we're working on a new design and some fun new ideas! We need mom and popi's help, so it might take a while, but if we bug them enough, they'll get it done eventually. Good thing me and Tsuki are both really good at the shiba scream!

Yoshi's 3rd Birthday!

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Today is my 3rd birthday!!!

Here's my yummy peanut butter banana birthday cake from Barbara's Canine Catering.

We were so excited we couldn't wait!

Hurry up, hurry up!

Finally! YUM!

Even though it was my birthday, Tsuki got to eat cake too. No one ever asks my opinion about these things.

For my present, Mom and Popi got me a gigantic new bed! [Author's note: Me and Tsuki told Mom and Popi that we didn't like the beds Santa brought us for Christmas, so mom sold them to people at her work. Santa is overrated.]

I love my birthday.

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