Summertime Fun!

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Sorry for the lack of updates. We're all doing A-OK, I've just been working on some freelance web projects, so haven't had a lot of time to work on Yoshi & Tsuki's site. I guess I'm sort of falling down on the job over here.

They've both still been up to their usual adventures and mischief, and I've taken a bajillion pictures of them over the last few months, so hopefully I'll have some time after August to sort through them and post the best ones.

Tsuki celebrated her 4th birthday on May 2nd, and her gift was 4 new Teddy Possums! They are her absolute favorite toy (and Yoshi likes them, too), so she celebrated by de-squeaking and de-stuffing 2 of them. The other 2 are still in the cabinet waiting for a rainy day. Someday, I'll have to take pictures of the possum husks that are strewn all over our house. Eventually, the dogs wind up ripping them into several pieces, and then it really starts to seem like they're everywhere.

But, enough about stuffed animals. Yesterday was a very momentous occasion. Tsuki killed her first REAL animal! She and Yoshi worked as a team to catch it, but Tsuki was the one who sent the little chipmunk to the big oak tree in the sky.

Here's the little predator with her prize chipmunk.

She didn't really know what to do with it after she killed it.

We figured she'd eat it, but she didn't. She was just super excited to have caught it, and seemed to take great joy in shaking the bejeezus out of it. We felt bad for the little guy, and we tried to help him escape, but the sheebs were fast and determined.

It was so hot yesterday that Yoshi insisted on laying on this tarp where stinky water and leaves had collected. There is a pool less than 10 feet away, but Yoshi is afraid of it, and it's probably not stinky enough for him.

Popi came up with the genius idea to let the hose run over the tarp, which made it more fun, and less likely to result in Yoshi needing a B-A-T-H (or, our canine code word for it, hydrossage). Win-win!

Yoshi pretty much thought he was the coolest dog ever.

Shaking off was half the fun!

Tsuki wasn't thrilled with Yoshi's makeshift pool, but she enjoyed cooling off under the hose.

Happy summer, everyone!

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