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We updated the links section of our page today. You have to scroll pretty far down to see it, so we thought we'd highlight some of our blogging shiba friends up here. If we missed any of our shiba pals, please send us the link to your blog, and we'll add it!

Akira & Shiro


Boshiro (Japan)


Hikari & Strawberry (Japan)

Hina (Japan)

Kobe & Faylin


Peaches (Japan)


Scout & Max

Shassi & Tierce



Wiley & Fievel


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Long time lurker coming out of the shadows to tell you about my blog about Roux, the Shiba that owns me. =) Hope you'll stop over sometime!! :>

Hey. I just wanted to say thanks for the link to Snickers. I read you guys regularly, I just don't comment because your form requires and displays the commenter's email address. (It just dawned on me today that I could use a fake one. LOL.) So, thanks!

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