Introducing Yuushi and Kasaki

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We feel soooooo bad. We got these pictures from our friends twins, Yuushi and Kasaki, way back in August, and it's taken us mom way too long to post them! When we last wrote to them, Yuushi and Kasaki were planning to move to another country, so we hope they'll still be able to see their pictures...

First, we have beautiful Kasaki. Kasaki means "queen." Doesn't she look just like Tsuki?

Then, we have Yuushi, which means "brave warrior." He kind of looks a little like both me and Tsuki, don't you think?

Kasaki turned 2 in September! The Tsuki resemblance is a little freaky here!

Yuushi turned 3 in November!

Even though Kasaki is younger, she is Yuushi's great aunt. Kasaki's father is Yuushi's great grandfather!

Hope you enjoyed meeting our globe-trotting twins!

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