Shibas in Advertising

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These first pictures are from a ubiquitous ad campaign for Softbank, which is a cell phone store that is equivalent to something like Cingular in the United States.

This was in a dog boutique called Dog Dept. What was funny about this store is that it claimed to be based in Santa Monica, California, but it's actually based in Japan. In the same way that Americans think Japanese stuff is cool, there seems to be a certain coolness to having American stuff in Japan, so some stores try to go for an American feel or style.

My memory is fading a bit here, but this was displayed by either a pet food or veterinary pharmaceutical company at World Animal Day. This is a day set aside to give thanks to animals, which I thought was a sweet idea.

This was from one of the ubiquitous photo printing stores. I can't believe that I have used the word ubiquitous twice in one post, but there's no other word to describe HOW MANY places you can have photos printed in Tokyo. They're as common as Starbucks. Really.

This was in the store guide outside of Decks, in Odaiba. It may be an ad for Puppy* the World, but I honestly can't tell.

This was from an ad for label makers, which my husband saw in the Akihabara section of Tokyo.

Here's where the memory really fades. I have no idea what this is for, or where it's from. But, there's a shiba in it, and it seems to be an ad, so it gets put in the blog.

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