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I Always Win

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Mom and popi went to Japan, and all I got was this stupid headband.

According to the sign in the store, the characters mean "winning," or "I always win," which, even I have to admit, is pretty fitting. I think it might be on upside down though. I hope our Japanese friends will tell us if it says something different, like "do not feed the shibas."

Maybe this way is a little more dignified...

Anyway, mom and popi have about a billion pictures (9 gigabytes worth!) from Japan, and lots of them have shibas in them! Expect to see some of those coming soon, just as soon as mom recovers a little more from the surgery she had last week. I told her to watch out for the veterinarian, but I guess she got tricked! It happens to the best of us.

And, just because we always get worried comments when Tsuki isn't pictured in one of our entries, she's fine, but wasn't as cooperative about posing with the headband as I was.

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