Yay! It's Saturday!

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Your shibas are so adorable! I love how they're both licking their lips - are they waiting for a goodie? : )

If you'd like to check out my two shibas' blog, please do!


My boyfriend just agreed to let me have a second Shiba (WHHEEEE !!). My first one is a male, so I'm thinking of taking a female... Can I ask you how is it going between your twos (well it seems to go well on pictures :)). What do you do when Tsuki is in "heat" (I don't know how to say it in english sorry, it means when she's in the period when she's ready to have babies). Thanks a lot !

I believe that both Yoshi and Tsuki are "fixed", e.i. neutered and spayed, so they can't have babies...

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