Of Dogs and Mailmen

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We don't know what some of you dogs have against mailmen, because we LOVE our mailman!

When we see him, we both start running toward him and our tails start to wag like crazy!

We would hop right into his truck, if he'd let us!

You know one of the reasons that we love him so much?

Because ever since we were little puppies, he would stop by to give us treats!

That's really smart, dontcha think? Pretty good insurance that we'd grow up to be friends, and not get mad when he comes to our door every day.

Maybe some dogs don't like mailmen, because their mailmen don't bring them treats? I could see being pretty steamed about a guy who comes to the door everyday and makes a big ruckus, but never brings any treats.

Luckily, our mailman is the greatest mailman in the world!

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That is so adorable!

we would like our mail man IF he gave us cookies... but he doesn't and so we bark and howl at him instead... He doesn't seem to understand that we are upset with him for depriving us of our cute-dog privlages!!

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