M. Night Shibaland?

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There's big excitement on our street! Follow us!

A scene from the new M. Night Shyamalan Shibaland movie is being filmed on our street! It's called The Happening.

It's going to be a car crash scene! Here, you can see the yellow test Jeep, which is going to crash into that fake tree. The Jeep has padding on the front, so it doesn't damage the fake tree. On the right, are the red Jeeps that are going to be used in the scene. There are three different ones, because they're all needed for different effects. We heard that one is equipped to roll!

When we were walking by, they were running the remote-controlled test Jeep toward the tree! Cool, huh?

We don't mean to be critical, but we think the scene would really seem more realistic, if, well... someone was walking some handsome dogs down the street. We're just sayin'...

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VERY cool!

Please email me so I can email some pics of MY 2 Shiba's. It is CRAZY how the look exactly like your dogs. It's nuts. Our older is Yuushi (meaning brave warrior) and our pup is Kasaki (queen). They are like identical twins to your dogs!!!!!!!!

Your dogs are beautiful and I also would like your secret to keeping their coat the way you do:)


I would totally see the movie if you guys were in it!

A movie set - how cool!!

I loved the pics of you guys with the mailman - great PR for us doggies there I think!

you two should be da stars of da big movie!

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