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Another Kobayashi

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This piece is called, inexplicably, Human Relations. It was created by Toshikazu Kobayashi.

You can see the whole exhibit here.

Takeru Kobayashi

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Eating, as usual.

Today is a sad day for Yoshi. His hero, Takeru Kobayashi, lost the Nathan's hot dog eating contest after being undefeated for six years in a row. Yoshi chose Kobayashi as his hero because he's handsome, athletic, Japanese, and is a COMPETITIVE EATER, just like Yoshi! Today, he ate 63 hot dogs in 12 minutes! As far as Yoshi's concerned, what's not to admire?

Video of Kobayashi's sad loss to Joey Chestnut.

You're still Yoshi's hero, Kobayashi.

Fun in the Sun

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Photographic evidence: Yoshi has done this since he was a baby. If there is a water bowl outside (and sometimes inside!), he will put his dirty feet in it, and try to scoop all of the water out. Note the water all over the deck.

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