Keeping the Silly Birthday Outfits in Perspective

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I just got back from doing a research project on urban strays. Mostly, we saw a lot of feral cats, which I guess is typical of most large cities. We kept hearing rumors that there were packs of stray dogs, but were told that they didn't come out until after midnight, so we weren't really expecting to see any. We were following a lead on an active feral cat colony, when we made a wrong turn and had to drive down a side street to turn around. When we did, we found these guys...

There were 6 of them in total, even though they're not all in the picture.

For obvious reasons, this guy really broke my heart.

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Oh, No!
Some humans are so irresponsible that animals have to pay ultimate price for that.
It is not fair.
How can someone with a heart dump these sweet eyed creatures?
All animals will go to heaven but not all humans, unfortunately.
I think everyone should do some effort to elminate this kind of tragedy.
I like to give hugzzzz to all of them.
Just thinking that these guys do not have enough to eat makes me cry. I'm sorry.

This is so sad to see ( Those poor dogs.

Do you research things like this for a living, what is your occupation?

Sorry for the personal questions, i'm just interested in this :)

Love Hollie & Bentley.

Oh, that's really sad to see. I'm glad that dogs live in packs though -- at least they have each other.

oh man, that's really sad. i know shibas are very resourceful (obviously), but what about heart worm medicine and vaccine boosters and all that?! poor guy! sometimes we don't understand humans.... good thing we've got some good ones!
Akira and Shiro

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