Irresistable Shiba Wanko Merch

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Remember a while back when I posted about Shiba Wanko?

Well...I have no idea what I'm going to do with these things, but I *had* to have them:


The one of her in her little dusting hat is my favorite.


Here's the link where you can buy them, in case you find them as irresistable as I did. Also, if you can think of something good to do with them, let me know, because I'm at a loss.

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I think these are straps for cellphones.

The blue kimonos that the second & 3rd ones from the left are wearing are called HAPPI, the summer festival kimonos for boys.
Here is the link that you can see the pics that real Shiba pups wearing Happi and also a festival kimono for girls, Yukata. They are ridiculously cute.

I know what you are thinking now, but sorry I do not know where you can buy them.

This home page is full of cute Shiba pics.
Just click HOME and go to the home page of Hikari(means Light, Mama), Ichigo(means Strawberry, daughter), Melon(son, adopted by the neighbor).

This is thier blog and you can see how Shibas live in Japan.

I bought these too! I got them for my husband for his birthday. I have no idea what we're going to do with them either but they're soooooo cute!!!!

sarah (akira & shiro's sis) here... looks like you could hang it from your cell phone attenae... so cute!

I guess they could be put on your keys, or just have them hanging to look cute.

Yes these are cell phone accessories :) Very cute ones might i add! :P xxx

* These are precious! I have Hello Kitty in a kimono that looks similar to these..I have it hanging in the rearview mirror of my car. Not to big, and light enough where it doesn't sway all over the place!...I will have to get a shiba or two to add.

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