Happy 3rd Birthday, Tsuki!

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Here are our yummy birthday cakes and giant bones that had our names right on them!

HA! HA! Tsuki had to wear a silly birthday outfit!

There she goes...look at that back foot!

The best part about it being Tsuki's birthday, is that I get to have cake, but I don't have to wear a silly outfit.

Here's Tsuki opening *my* present! The ones in blue paper were supposed to be for me!

It didn't matter though, because we each got a new Teddy Possum. We killed the one we got for Christmas, so we really needed a new one.

Here I am opening the girlie presents wrapped in pink paper. How embarrassing!

In addition to our new Teddy Possums, we each got a baby bunny, which are super fun for squeaking and killing.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Tsuki!

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Tsuki, you look so pretty in red! Happy Birthday sweetpea!

Wow, you get the best treats!!


Wow, time is flying... All grown up!! Congratulations for making it through another year with the humans :)

Just kiding Mom.

Love Trink & Phin

Happy birthday, Tsuki! You scored BIG TIME!

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