Someone's Birthday is Coming Up...

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Guess who?

That's right! Tsuki's going to be 3(!) on May 2nd!

Guess we'll have to be on the lookout for good-smelling packages.

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Happy early birthday cutie!
-Yoshi, Alex :)

Happy Birthday Tsuki!! Can't wait to read what you get for treats & gifts ;)

Bonnie & Sushi

Was reading the alla posts and seen this link. You have some good looking dogs. And i love the fact that i actually laughed. So happy birthday doggies.

I can't wait to see the pictures in birthday hats! And you must have some cake! Happy advance birthday!



I stumbled upon your website during a Shiba Inu breeder search. Your Shibas are super adorable! Might you be able to tell me where/which breeder you got your dogs from? Thanks in advance for your help!
-Alison Z.

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