Just When We Thought It Was Safe...

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We thought we were home free until the end of the semester, but she was at it again with the camera today.

Check out those choppers! I am very serious about holding on to my Frisbee!

Here I am in my space helmet. I look like a crazy space dog!

Here I am on my triumphant return from space!

This is Tsuki exploring the rocky surface of the moon during our space trip.

Yep, more space pictures.

Not only is Tsuki an Astrodog, she's also a Lumberjackdog.

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SCARY!!! I'm glad I'm not a frisbee!

Don't you just love the Snarlyface! lol

Bonnie & Sushi

Always cute! Love and kisses on the muzzles, to my favorite shibas!

Bentley is loving the frisbee photos! Well done on putting up a fight in keeping that frisbee and i hope you had a fun time in space! Love Hollie and Bentley.


Only me :]

Just wondering whether you'd like to join a shiba inu fanlisting i've created. All you do is fill out the form, and add one of my buttons to your website to show you're a fan. & I'll put your two shibas details on the website if you send their details :)

if you just email me and ill send you the link to the website, as i cant post it on here due to your block settings :)

love bentley and hollie. xxx

Tsuki, get us some firewood, will you?

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