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We thought we were home free until the end of the semester, but she was at it again with the camera today.

Check out those choppers! I am very serious about holding on to my Frisbee!

Here I am in my space helmet. I look like a crazy space dog!

Here I am on my triumphant return from space!

This is Tsuki exploring the rocky surface of the moon during our space trip.

Yep, more space pictures.

Not only is Tsuki an Astrodog, she's also a Lumberjackdog.

Without A Trace

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Hello doggie friends!

Sorry we haven't been updating lately. If you can believe the irony, mom's photo class is the reason there are no new pictures of us. Apparently, and we find this very hard to believe, the art world doesn't really appreciate pictures of dogs! Even really handsome dogs! Lucky for us, mom's professor told her to "avoid taking dog pictures," so she's been forced to take pictures of lots of weird stuff, like humans. Sounds pretty boring to us, but that guy is A-OK in our book. We haven't been woken by a camera in months!

Anyway, her class can't last forever, and then I'm sure she'll be stalking us with the camera again. In the meantime, we just wanted to let everydog know that we're still working on our plans for world domination, even if we're not going public with them just now.


Yoshi & Tsuki

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