Yoshi's 4th Birthday Portraits

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Yoshi's birthday message to the world.

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That cake looks awesome!! We love Three Dog Bakery too! Have you seen their Dino bones, they are 1 lb of peanut butter shaped into a bone! We gave them away in December as part of our Shiba Meetup Howliday Pawty!

Looks like your 2 cuties enjoyed it!

Bonnie & Sushi

Happy Belated Birthday Yoshi! You sure look like our Mom!

From one Yoshi to the other...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

We have 2 Shiba Inus, a girl (Chella) and a boy (Yoshi)...twins! I love your site and its good to see they all have the same personalities. Ours are black/tan and have pictures that could duplicate yours!

I randomly came across your blog. I have a dog and I'm trying to figure out what breed she is, since I picked her up from the adoption agency. She seems like she may be a mix of Shiba Inu. Does your dog always stick his tongue out like that? My dog, Summer, always has a habit of doing that because she has an over bite. I'm wondering if it's a trait of Shiba's?

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