Shibas in Black & White

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I started taking a photo class a few weeks ago, and these are the first prints of Yoshi & Tsuki that I've made. Due to dust and some soap residue, they needed quite a bit of retouching in Photoshop. They're still not perfect, but at this size, you can't really see all of the dust specks. Developing film and printing photos is a lot more difficult (and expensive!) than I thought it would be. I like it a lot, but it can be frustrating, since you don't really know if your image has problems until you've gotten to the very end of a looooong process. You know what's weird though, there are people in my class that are so young, they've never taken a photo using film, only digital. If that doesn't make you feel old, I don't know what will.

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Our mom took some film classes a few moons ago and she says it was a LOT of fun. She still has her old cameras and tells us that she would prefer to use them but it's frustrating to have to wait for the film to be developed instead of instant digital. She just got back from a dog seminar and is practicing things she learned.. oh great. Just when we thought WE had her trained so well....

very nice! what good subjects for a picture!!

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