Santa Paws is Comin' to Town!

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Happy holidays, everyone! We hope you get lots of toys and yummy treats when Santa Paws visits!

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Great shot!! You've inspired us to get our act together for the holidays!! Trinka & Phineas

What a beautiful picture!

Thanks for the nice compliment on our picture! We like having our picture taken because, even though mom makes us wear funny outfits, we get to have Chicken McNuggets during the photo shoot! That's totally worth wearing a funny outfit for a few minutes, and posing on some fake snow, don't you think?

Wow, Yoshi and Tsuki, great picture! Very professional! I had to get my picture with the man, Santa Paws, yesterday (see blog) At least I got to tell him what I want for my present!

Thanks, Akira. Yours looks great, too! Hope Santa brings you everything you asked for!


Yoshi and Tsuki,
You are Christmas our blog to find out what you have to do now!

I adore this picture! Merry christmas to you all!

Love Hollie and Bentley.

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