Happy Crappy New Year!

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Well, mom and popi got what they wanted for Christmas, a new camera. That means there will be no peace for us in 2007. And, if that wasn't bad enough, we heard mom say that she's going to take a photography class! I guess uninterrupted naps are a thing of the past for me and Tsuki.

Hope your New Year is happier than ours.

It's New Year's Eve! Put down the camera and let's play!

I can't believe I have put up with a whole semester of this.

If a non-camera-owning household wants to adopt us, we'll have our bags packed and will be waiting at the curb. Just say when.

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Sorry guys, it's tough being famous.
However, you have a HUGE fan club so that will hopefully help your frustration...
Happy New Year, and remember.. it's 007
The year for great action!

Hi Yoshi and Tsuki,
We feel your pain! Our Sis also got a digital camera for Christmas! Check out our blog to see how crazy she is taking picture after picture. She says she has to take a lot to discover the good shots. Of course, we don't always help her out, so there were lots of pictures of our tails flying by she had to delete! Also, her camera takes video, see our first video on our blog- the lighting is pretty bad, but you can make out a mini-Shiba 500!

I cam accross your website and I must say Yoshi and Tsuki are beautiful!!! I too have an Inu her name is Mika......She is smaller than the average shiba. From your comments I can see that they are a lot alike. Well i love the pictures and the site......I too belive that the shiba inus are trying to take over the worls with their curly tails and and sweet faces....Diana and Mika

I browsed through this site, and the dogs are great. It would be great if I had such dogs.

Awww, how cute! I love it when shibas want to play. They put on the most adorable looks!

My sister dun mind adopting you guys.

She so in love in Shiba and hopeful one day she could have a black and tan Shiba.

Sky Clapton

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