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Fall Portraits

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It tastes like fall!

Queen of the Mountain

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Yoshi: Frisbee Addict

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Waiting expectantly for Popi to throw the Frisbee. Note the lolling tongue that is a classic symptom of Frisbee Addiction.

Dogs suffering from Frisbee Addiction frequently behave with suspicion toward anyone approaching their Frisbee, and often experience paranoid delusions that everyone is trying to take it from them.

Papercraft Shibas!

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I've never heard the term "papercraft" before, but...


Click here for directions on how to make the papercraft shiba you see above.


Click here for directions on how to make this more complex papercraft shiba.

Tsuki the Bed Mole

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Remember our friend Bauer? Well his new niece, Rumor, came home to live with him last week, and we got to meet her on Saturday! She flew home on an airplane, all the way from Oregon! Here she is...


Getting ready to pounce!

Here's Rumor plotting the next round of puppy hi-jinx that she's going to unleash on unsuspecting Uncle Bauer.

It's okay, Bauer, anyone would make that face if they'd spent their day being harassed by a puppy and two shibas.

Here's a picture of all of us! Boys against girls!


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This is our new friend Bentley. He has his own web site, too!

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