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Mother Teresa

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Tsuki has an adorable habit of burrowing under the covers while I get ready for work in the morning. When I come into the bedroom after taking a shower, there's usually a telltale lump under the comforter. After a while, she usually gets too hot and comes out, but, as she's emerging, the comforter is draped over her head for a few seconds and she looks like Mother Teresa. When she comes out, I always say "Hi, Mother!" And, we call the telltale lump under the covers "The Mother Pile."

These aren't exactly pictures of Tsuki's Mother Teresa routine, but she was sleeping with the covers pulled up over her like a person, which is almost as cute as the whole Mother Teresa thing. Maybe someday we'll actually get some photos of her with the comforter draped over her head.

Okay, that last one isn't really Tsuki.

First, Mom tried to steal my Frisbee!

Then, Dani tried to steal my Frisbee!

And then, Popi AND Dani tried to steal my Frisbee!

Meanwhile, instead of helping me in the epic battle to secure possession of the Frisbee, Tsuki was more concerned with keeping the squirrels up in the trees.

New Toys

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Today we got new Frisbees!

Old Toys

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The toys at grandma and grandpa's house left something to be desired.

The Day's Top Portraits

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Hangin' by the Pool

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You'd have to be crazy to go in that thing, but it's nice to sit beside on a sunny day.

The Future's So Bright...

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Is it me, or does Yoshi look like he's auditioning for the part of Ray Charles?

Mrs. Cheney

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When Tsuki scratches, she has Dick Cheney's sneer. This led to her being called Mrs. Cheney when she was a baby. Now we just call her The Missus.

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