Bath Day :(

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Today was bath day. Me and Tsuki spent quite a while sulking.

But, I guess I have to admit, we do look pretty terrific. I could live without the flowery smell though. I much prefer the smell of the dead animal that me and Tsuki rolled in yesterday. Figures they'd give us a bath, right after we managed to get such a good smell on us.

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Aww. Poor things. My shiba runs around the house in a crazed frenzy after a bath. Then he sulks.

Love this blog!

love your pics, so cute!

the nicest thing about shibas is that they aren't "doggy" smelling, but that doesn't make them less interested in the latest "natural" smells ;) Mine don't like baths, but I see a lighter step and a bit more friskiness in theri eyes afterward. I think they feel proud, although they keep their eyes on my hands for a day or two...making sure they know what I'm up to.

Our Yosh got a bath a wednesday. he smells good, but, my sister put conditioner in his fur(urg, can you believe that!?) and now hes greasy. hes soft though. :D

Akira and Shiro had their baths on Monday, and for the rest of the day Shiro would not come close to me because he was afraid i was going to pick him up and carry him upstairs for another bath! Akira must not have liked the way Shiro smelled, because he licked Shiro on the face five times. There, that smells better! haha

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