Cliffs Notes for Yoshi's Life: Soak up the Love, Be Handsome

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Your dog is beautiful and seems well behaived

Thank you! He's quite a cutie, I can agree with you 100% on that. As for him being well behaved, we often jokingly say that he "behaves within acceptable limits." Not always what you would call good, but not usually what you'd call bad either. Don't let the pictures fool you though, he does like to get into mischief.

Hello ^^
I recently found this blog =) My name is Ryo xD I'm japanese girl, 21 years old ~ my RL nickname is Mameshiba due to my height (I'm really tiny haha xD) ~
But I'm a great fan of Shiba's =) I was looking at shiba pictures just out of curiosity when I found this site ~
I luv this blog ^^ your dogs are so cute, I really adore them ~

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