Story of My Life

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Today I was just minding my own business and trying to do a bit of sunbathing on my birthday bed. Then, all of the sudden, mom started pestering me by taking pictures. I will never understand why she takes pictures of me when I'm just laying around doing nothing. BOOORING!

And, if that wasn't bad enough, the sound of the camera woke Tsuki up, so then she wanted to get into all the pictures!

All I could do was stick my tongue out at them and make goofy faces, and hope they got the hint.

Another perfectly good nap down the drain.

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Oh HA HA poor Yoshi! What a little cutie in those photos!

Oh! They are so cute I feel like giving each one a hug and a smoooch!

They would both love a big hug and smooch, they're suggly like that. I'll make sure to give them a hug and a smooch and tell them it was from you.

Hey could you email me and give me some tips on how you train your shibas cause my boy never listens and is a pain most of the time.

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