Birthday Party at the Dog Park! Everyone's Invited!

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After cake and presents, we went to the dog park to celebrate with all of our friends!

It's Zorro! Isn't he dreamy?

I was so excited when he arrived that I couldn't stop jumping on him!

Shiba party! That's me, Zorro, and Yoshi!

We even got to play in the stream! That's me. I got a little dirty.

This is me and Baxter. He's Australian.

Yoshi got kind of dirty in the stream, too.

But, Zorro got REALLY REALLY dirty! I bet Zorro got a bath tonight and they made him smell all silly like flowers. Poor Zorro.

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I love your website! I check it all the time for new pics! I was just curious - how do you get your Shibas to come back to you at the dog park when they are off leash? I'm always afraid to take the lease off my Shiba when he runs around because I'm afraid he won't come back!

How do you get your Shibas to come to you? MIne wont even come to me in the house so he's never aloud off leash except in the back yard and inside. I wouldnt want him to gt lost I love him to much.

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