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Even though my birthday isn't until Tuesday (May 2nd), we celebrated it today!

Here are some pictures of my birthday cake from Three Dog Bakery.

Waiting patiently was so hard!

This is when we knew we were in the home stretch!

YUM! It tasted like peanut butter!

Yoshi liked it, too!

Since it was my birthday, I decided that I might be more comfortable eating my cake on the floor.

Then it occurred to me that I would be even more comfortable eating cake up on the bed! And, since the rule is that you get to do whatever you want on your birthday, I ran upstairs with my piece of cake and finished it on the bed! I was right too, it was comfortable!

Sorry about the crumbs, mom.

Then it was time for presents! The box was bigger than me!

Mom was so slow with the unwrapping!

It's a birthday bed! Just like Yoshi's!

This was the greatest 2nd birthday ever!

After cake and presents, we went to the dog park to celebrate with all of our friends!

It's Zorro! Isn't he dreamy?

I was so excited when he arrived that I couldn't stop jumping on him!

Shiba party! That's me, Zorro, and Yoshi!

We even got to play in the stream! That's me. I got a little dirty.

This is me and Baxter. He's Australian.

Yoshi got kind of dirty in the stream, too.

But, Zorro got REALLY REALLY dirty! I bet Zorro got a bath tonight and they made him smell all silly like flowers. Poor Zorro.

Here are some 2nd birthday portraits that Popi took of me today:

The first one is my favorite!

(click image for a larger, more readable version)

Tsuki's 2nd birthday is only 8 days away and, despite what Yoshi might say, we have no intention of selling her to the gypsies.

However, I did hear a rumor that there might be some cake and a present.

Today I was just minding my own business and trying to do a bit of sunbathing on my birthday bed. Then, all of the sudden, mom started pestering me by taking pictures. I will never understand why she takes pictures of me when I'm just laying around doing nothing. BOOORING!

And, if that wasn't bad enough, the sound of the camera woke Tsuki up, so then she wanted to get into all the pictures!

All I could do was stick my tongue out at them and make goofy faces, and hope they got the hint.

Another perfectly good nap down the drain.

Springtime for Shibas!

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Yay! Winter is over!

Tsuki met a special friend today.

Shibas in the Sunshine

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America's Next Top Model?

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