A Visit with St. Nick

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Happy Holidays!

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Hi! I like your blog and have been visiting for a while now! What a beautiful photo, they posed so nicely!

Thanks for the nice compliment! You have no idea how many times they jumped down off that platform, before we were finally able to get that picture!

Soooo cute!Keep the pictures coming! They are so enjoyable!Have you ever thought of making a book?

We have a jindo mix and he looks just like your dogs, we also purchased a bed for his christmas present as he loves to nest in it. We love your blog and check it out frequently. These sorts of breeds are truly unique, funny and special, we look forward to the next ones!

I took Cayenne (8 months) to get her photo taken with Santa and it was a nightmare! Just the sight of the man in the red suit caused her to let out a famous 'Shiba Scream!'
These two look just adorable - very photogenic pups!

I love all of your Shiba pics! They look just like my Yoshi. How old are they? You should make a scrap book of this...Its so funny!

I just wanted to say that I love your site and I thought I had the only Shibu with the name Zorro..:-)Zorro just turn 10 yrs in May. I will never have another breed of dog. I just wish I still lived in a house with a yard and I would get another, perhaps a little girl. Thanks for making me smile

Your site is great

Thank you! Glad you like it! Welcome!

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