Carnivale of the Dogs

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Today we got to go to Carnivale of the Dogs!

Here we are waiting for the best part, HOT DOGS CATS!!!

If there are hot cats around, you can count on me for some award-winning sits!

Tsuki offers some stiff competition in the 'sit' department. Good thing there were enough hot cats to go around!

We loved Carnivale of the Dogs, but chasing pigeons and eating hot cats sure can tucker a dog out.

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Adorable pics! I noticed that Tsuki & Yoshi seem quite relaxed (tails up and curled is a good sign!) around all those "strangers" as well as a band and a hot dog wagon .... how did you manage to socialize them so well? I have a seven month old female who is getting better with people, but any new experience frightens her to the point where she is shivering uncontrolably. Any suggestions as your two look very happy to be out in public.
Thanks so much! :) Sarah and Cayenne.

I always look forward to new adventures with Yoshi and Tsuki, everytime I sign on the web- they are so adorable! Thank you for the pics! Jan

OMG! Love your pics! Just rescued a Shiba 2 months ago. She's 3 years old. Her name is Kitsune. I'd love to send you pics! You took some great ones! Write when you can!


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