Play Dates & Pupcakes!

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Today we had a cook-out at Hali and Bauer's house! Hali and Bauer's mom made hot dogs hot cats and hamburgers, and mom baked PUPCAKES!!! That's Hali, Tsuki, and me waiting for our pupcakes!

Here I am eating my pupcake! Jealous?

Here's Tsuki explaining to Bauer that shibas don't share, especially when it comes to pupcakes! If there's one thing I can say about Tsuki, it's that she's awfully good at explaining things.

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My shiba (Chopin) is very good at explaining about not sharing too!

Tsuki can explain all she wants - a Ridgeback won't listen :-)

My five month old Shiba hasn't learned how to "explain" about not sharing food yet - but I'm sure that day will come very soon!
Very adorable pups!!

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