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Today is Tsuki's 1st birthday, so mom baked us a cake!

The frosting is made out of Kong liver paste!!! Mmmmmm...

She also made us homemade Frosty Paws, and we got to SIT AT THE TABLE!!!

Tsuki could hardly wait while mom cut the cake!

Here's the birthday girl enjoying her cake.


I think we should be allowed to eat like this all the time. It's much more dignified.

...but Tsuki could probably use a booster seat.

After her slice was gone, Tsuki got a little carried away.

Happy 1st birthday, Tsuki!

[Edit: 03/06/06] A lot of people have written to us asking for the birthday cake recipe that mom used for Tsuki's cake. Mom got the recipe from the internet, had a veterinarian review it, and then made some changes based on what the doctor said (basically, she removed some dairy products and honey that might have upset our stomachs). Every dog's tummy is different, of course, so you should have your mom or dad run this recipe past your veterinarian, too.

Here's the recipe (for some reason, you have to scroll down a little bit to see it):

Untitled Document

Dog Birthday Cake or Pupcakes
1 cup whole wheat flour
1 tsp baking powder
4 tbps natural peanut butter (no sugar added)
4 tbsp cooking oil
1 cup shredded carrots
1 tsp vanilla
1   egg
1 can Kong liver paste
1   cake or cupcake pan
    food coloring (for colored frosting) - optional
    small dog treats (for decoration) - optional
Mix the dry ingredients. Add the remaining ingredients and mix quickly. Bake in a greased cake or cupcake pan at 350 degrees for 40 minutes. If you're using a cake pan, you may want to use one that's on the small side, as the cake does not rise significantly. A large round pan will create something that looks more like a cookie than a cake. After the cake has cooled, you can frost it with Kong liver paste and decorate it with dog treats. Store in the refrigerator.

Tomorrow is Tsuki's 1st birthday, so mom and Popi planned lots of fun things for us to do this weekend.

Tsuki's tsuper fun activities included:

1.) Stalking me

2.) Chasing me

3.) Making weird faces

4.) Smiling for the camera (that's me on the right)

5.) ...and being an annoying little sister, as well as my best friend

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