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Snow Dogs!

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Here I am, enjoying the snow, looking handsome as ever.

Is that a little fox on the hunt, or Tsuki?

That's Tsuki, looking like a proper snow dog.

Mom took this right after I stole some guy's frisbee. Ha ha!

Mom thinks I look really cute when I sleep, so she just can't seem to stop taking pictures of me in my new bed. I told her it was too many, and that it was gonna' bore everyone, but she wouldn't listen.

While I was having my umpteenth photo taken, Tsuki starting whining 'cuz Mom wasn't taking enough pictures of her (she's such a baby), so Mom snapped this one.

Santa brought me and Tsuki new beds (a little late, I might add), and one of us (I'm not saying who) got so excited that we peed right on one of them the minute Popi took it out of the box. Mom said that Planet Dog was having a good "after-Christmas sale" on them, whatever that means. Why would Santa care about a sale, since he makes everything in his workshop?

Anyway, Mom makes no sense, as usual, but take a look at me making good use of my so-exciting-it-will-make-you-pee new bed (don't worry, Mom washed it).

I bet most of you didn't know that Tsuki is royalty. Yep, she is. We call her the Frog Princess.

Tsuki is also an accomplished Yogi (not the bear, silly). Here she is demonstrating the highly advanced downward dog posture. Don't try this one at home folks, only the truly gifted can do stair yoga.

Who knew that cat charming would be one of Tsuki's many talents? But, pictures don't lie. Here's Tsuki petting a cat that, historically, has not been very fond of, well, anything.

Impressions. Yes, Tsuki is also very good at impersonations. I think she needs to work on this one a little bit though, 'cuz I'm not sure exactly who she's supposed to be.

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